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Day one of the boat show is now in the bag. We managed to knock a few items off of our shopping list and escape with a bit of money still in our wallets. Alas, we’ll be back in the land a boat goodies in just a short while to take another crack at emptying our bank account.

In addition to yesterday’s shopping we did get to sit in on a couple of presentations. One talk was given by Wally Moran on the ICW, which is the route we will be taking when we head south. The other was by the author of An Embarrassment of Mangoes, Ann Vanderhoof. Unbeknownst to us she has a new book out called The Spice Necklace. As both Rebecca and I loved her first book we made sure to pick up a copy of this one. When we stopped to have her sign the book she inquired about our boat and it was at that time that she told us she knows several people out cruising with PDQs and that a piece of the book actually takes place in the cockpit of one.

Two other funny things occurred at Ann’s talk. Rebecca and I were sitting in the front row, like the good little students that we are, when a guy walked by and called out our names. When we looked at him with a puzzled expression he told us that he knows us because he has been reading this Blog! Thanks for introducing yourself Michel. It was nice meeting you two. Good luck on finding that boat!
The second funny thing is that Katana’s previous owners, David and Jackie, showed up there too. They ended up sitting beside us and we had a nice chat about their new catamaran, a Lagoon 380.


  1. I looked at the picture before I started reading…. and I screamed when I saw Ann’s new book. I’m so excited you were able to meet her. I’m headed to the book store today to pick it up, and another copy of ‘Embarrassment…’ since I think someone may have left home with my copy as I’ve not seen it in about a year. Now to go back to check out the rest of your booty. Can’t wait to see what else you pick up. Shopping vicariously through others is almost as good as living vicariously through others.

  2. Ann V. has a new book? Cool! Thanks for that.

  3. I stopped and told Ann today that we plugged her new book on our blog and likely sold a couple of copies for her. I can’t wait until my commission cheque arrives. 😉

  4. I didn’t think one could write a check (cheque) for less than $1.00!

  5. Was nice meeting you guys in the “flesh” this week-end.
    Having read your blog for the last few weeks it felt like I already knew
    We are probably at your very beginnings…
    Researching the hell out of this..
    Wondering about the money part (but figured most of it).
    Schooling, since we have a 8 y/o daughter
    And what to do about Tyson, our German Sheppard… (He will probably end up on the boat with us since none of us are martial arts experts).lol

    Had I know the person sitting next to you had just bought a Lagoon, I would have asked a few questions about it since it’s at the top of my list!

    Again, was a pleasure meeting both of you!

  6. Good start! I thought Ann V was down in the Eastern Caribbean. Did she fly up for the show?

    See if there are any deals on vulcanized tape (rigging tape and buy a bunch) and “The Absorber” a PVA chamois. All others are just rags waiting to happen.

    I can’t remember if you have gotten the Explorer Charts for the Bahamas – the gold standard as they say.

    It’s ANOTHER glorious day here in Martinique, so keep learning and planning…we’re waiting for you! 🙂

    Fair Winds,

    • Hi Mike

      Ann said that her boat, and her husband, were still in Grenada. She came here for the show and will be returning to them at the end of the month.

      If the Absorber is anything like the Shamwow, then we got a package (referred to us by some other cruiser friends). We do not yet have the explorer charts but will be getting them. The Garmin plotter we were going to purchase apparently has the electronic version of the explorer charts for the bahamas built in.

      We’ll see you “soon!” 🙂

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