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Yesterday was my birthday but it was by no means a day off. On the contrary, it was actually a pretty busy day, hence the lack of post here on the blog. Rebecca and I took advantage of the windless early morning to raise our mainsail and sort out all of our reefing lines. By the time we had it “done” the wind was just coming up. Unfortunately, when it came time to zip up the sail bag after lowering and flaking the sail, I found that I led all of the lines overtop of the zipper, preventing it from being closed! The entire process will need to be completed again, properly. Oh well.

Photo of us messing with the sail courtesy of our buddies on Banyan

By the time that was done, I was off with our friend Ken to go inspect a boat for one of our blog readers. We know first hand how much money can be wasted by traveling to survey a boat that turns out to be not what you’re really looking for. Our job in this case was to go through the boat, taking lots of photos and looking for anything that is obviously amiss.

When that job was done, I returned to the boat and Rebecca and I immediately began a bit of electrical work. As I have mentioned, we have guests arriving this weekend and there is currently no ventilation fans in the V-berth where they will be staying. Being the good guests that they are, they are bringing some fans with them (thank you Amazon Prime). Our job was to get all the wires run so that the fans can be quickly installed. Wait… did I just say quickly when referring to a boat job?

The day was capped off with a farewell party for a couple of our cruising friends, Dalynn and Glenn. Like several others have done just recently, they have sold their boat and are now moving on to new land-based adventures. It was a fun get together and I’m sure they appreciated the nice send off from all of their friends.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mike. Didn’t know Banyan was still in Grenada. Please say hello. Cheers to Dalynn and Glenn as well!

  2. I have at last found the boat of my dreams a Columbia 45 she is old but is going to be mine after several months of looking for yachts of diffrent sizes ,Makes reading well into the night internet searches and sending emails to countless over seas companies the light shone to day on me .
    My budget is tight but I have to do this , Want to do this and even more so enjoy this sailing adventure im about to go on , So next May 2016 im of to the Caribbean to do some work on her get her ready for the sail of a life time of waiting “Around the world here I come “.
    So if you have any hints on passage across the Atlantic or the Pacific the best time to travel drop me a line at I would also like to know other ppl and there adventures on the High Seas.
    Cheers Mal

  3. Happy Birthday! Honorary shot of Rivers Royale for ya!

  4. Did you run new wires all the way up to the V-berth for the fans or did you just tap in to the 12 volt wires for the light fixtures? I need to install two in my V-berth as well, and I can’t decide which is the better route.

  5. Ugh. I’ve done things like that a million times now. More recently, I’ve resorted to drawing out a rough “schematic” of how the line should run. Also, using really small polypropylene line first and then pulling through the actual reefing line once happy with the setup seems to help.

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