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And on the second day of the boat show we spent no money, unless of course you count the ridiculously expensive food and drink that they were selling at the show. $3.50 for a bottle of water? Come on! It wasn’t that we didn’t have some other items on our list to purchase. We actually had quite a few. We either couldn’t find the items in question, didn’t have enough information to make a buying decision or there were just no real deals to motivate us to buy now as opposed to later in the spring.

Shopping for LED replacement bulbs for our masthead light. No, we didn’t buy any as we couldn’t find the correct ones.

In spite of the lack of toy and tool buying, we still had a good day, attending a couple of classes presented by different speakers. One the sessions was by Liza Copeland, author of Cruising for Cowards. I am not sure when the first edition of this book was written but I have had it on my bookshelf for a long time. I guess the whole cruising idea has been brewing for more than a few years.

The second talk we sat in on was about weather, specifically forecasting by looking at the clouds. The speaker was Ron Bianchi and I thought he did a great job. He was informative, energetic and animated making the class go by quite fast. It was actually one of the highlights of the show for me and I think I learned a lot.

Cirrus clouds indicate a change in weather is approx. 24 hours away.


  1. Take a look at what I found on the internet today. Might eliminate the need for a pole on Katana! Lighter and you can fold them away! 😀

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