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Now that we “could” leave Georgetown, we still can’t leave. Or at least, we’re opting not to leave, until the end of regatta that is.

During the weeks that our chip-hunting dragged on, we made commitments to participate in several other regatta activities. This Thursday for example, the 4-on-4 regulation volleyball tournament will be taking place (4-on 4, as opposed to the 9-on-9 complete mayhem ‘fun volleyball’ that they also run here) and Rebecca and I are both signed up to compete, albeit on different teams. Why different teams? Rebecca has convinced me that we would then have two chances of winning some more rum which of course, is better than only one chance had we been teammates. I suspect that she really just wanted to get with some better players. We have been playing volleyball almost daily since arriving here and not surprisingly, have improved a lot. The tournament should be a lot of fun and we’re both looking forward to it.

In addition to volleyball, I am signed up for the beach golf event and also the (no) talent show on Sunday evening. There are also a couple of info sessions that we want to participate in and of course, some parties that we MUST attend (tonight’s is a Luau-themed party on our friends’ 70 foot motor yacht). During the breaks in all these activities though, we’ll continue to make our boat seaworthy again so that we can get anchor up early next week. Let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates with that “plan.”

Nope, this isn’t us, just a random pic I found.


  1. I am snickering at you 🙂 in a loving and supportive way. Awesome volleyball shot by the way! I hope you win the rum! When we were there Doug won the conch horn contest and we used our $10 credit to the store to buy yogurt, yes all $10 to one carton of plain yogurt.

  2. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran

    So what sort of prices are we looking at on getting things there compared to main land ? What do you average every month so to speak ? In the time you have been out ? Is it all what you have been told or worked out yourself after all the info. reading

  3. Helen A. Spalding

    Well, I sort of thought you would be staying until the end of regatta, at least, even though you now have your “escape chips” so to speak. It kind of looks ass though you are having WAY too much fun to leave! 🙂

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