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Remember all that Dyneema® running rigging that we won? Well, although it’s not yet in our possession, it has arrived here in St. George’s, and is sitting at the Fed Ex office. Why is it there and not in our hands? Because it has yet to clear customs. Why you ask? Because New England Ropes neglected to send any paperwork along with the shipment (no invoice, etc.). Strangely enough, customs agents around the world like to get paperwork with shipments before they clear them! You would think that NER would know that.

Fortunately, with only a moderate amount of prodding, an invoice was generated by NER (thanks Marianne) and forwarded to Amanda, the very helpful agent at the local Fed Ex office. Our fingers are crossed, hoping that the package will clear properly today and we’ll be able to pick it up. Then all we’ll have to do is re-rig the entire boat. How hard could that be? Yeah, right!

As a followup to yesterday’s Carnival video, I uploaded a 100-image album to the Zero To Cruising Facebook page. If the motion effects in the video were making you dizzy, perhaps you’d prefer to check out the still versions.

And while on the subject of photos, we sent some images of Rebecca to our friend Carl who owns the Conch Republic Bikini company. He liked them so much that he posted them on his company website. They’ll just have to take the place of the photos of our Dyneema® running rigging that we have yet to take possession of. Hopefully they’ll do. 🙂

And just so that you don’t think that it’s only Rebecca who gets the media attention, here is a selection of images supplied by a couple of our dear readers. Perhaps I’ll use them to try to get an audition if they ever decide to do a remake of the Love Boat.


  1. Hahahaaaa!!! I LOVE the comp’d pictures of you as the captain, especially the first one. SO GREAT!!! Made me laugh out loud!

  2. Great for Rebecca.

    Photoshop has much to apologise for regarding the other pictures 🙂

    Cheers, Mike

  3. Ha, those captain pictures are hilarious … especially the first one!

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