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Looking for a PDQ? We recently found one for sale. No, not ours! Hogiecat, a PDQ 36 owned by Gordon and Margaret Hogan, is currently in Georgetown. The couple have decided to continue their world travels via air and land, as opposed to on the water, leaving this beautiful boat in need of a new Captain.

In other news, if you’re going to be in the Toronto area this summer, you might want to check out our friends’ B&B on the water (literally, ON the water). We had the pleasure of being invited for drinks on Boatel I, a beautiful floating B&B. Ted and Diane Greene, Boatel I’s owners, just left GT headed north. Happy travels guys.


  1. I just read the blog…Why are they selling so quick….

    • I believe they said that they felt limited in their ability to travel with the boat. The want to go back to Asia, etc., and doing so on a little boat would be tough.

  2. I guess they would feel limited with 9.9 outboards on a 36′ cat. That is just incredible.

    • I’m not sure if you are serious or not about being underpowered but in case you are, Yamaha 9.9 high-thrust engines are quite common on small cruising cats. That is how our boat is powered as well and it is not underpowered. When we first started looking at cats I was thinking that such an engine might be a disadvantage but I now see multiple benefits for such engines on smaller cats.

  3. Hey thanks for the post on your blog. The Boatel remain in Canada this winter because of the closure of the NY Canal due to Hurricane Irene. Although it opened this week it is now to late to leave Toronto,so we remain in the snow for the winter.

    We are indeed looking for a small boat to cruise but still enjoying running the Boatel. Great summer in Toronto.

    Take care and enjoy the travels!

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