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Work in the boatyard continues. As mentioned in my post the other day, Rebecca and I serviced all three of our Yamaha engines. That task took less time than anticipated. By comparison, yesterday we focused our attention on ZTC’s hulls, a job which took (is taking) considerable time. We first stripped and cleaned all the fiberglass with MaryKate On and Off – Hull and Bottom Cleaner, a very powerful but nasty chemical. It works great but avoid getting it on your skin or inhaling its fumes. Following that, we used 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound to remove any marks on the fiberglass. A nice soapy bath and fresh water rinse followed that step, leaving only one piece left for today: to coat the hulls in a layer of protective wax (we’ll be using 3M Marine Restorer and Wax). While I am working on that last step, Rebecca is going to work on finishing up the inside prep. of the boat. While it would be great to be done everything we need to do by the end of today, we don’t see it happening. I suspect we’ll have at least another full day of work ahead of us. We might end up taking our friend Kirk up on his offer to stay on his boat tonight though. ZTC is rapidly losing liveaboard status.

Just in case people thought it was all bad here in the boatyard, here are a few Grenada Marine perks:

  1. Many of the staff are great. They are helpful and smiling.
  2. Unlimited fresh water is something we haven’t had since… ever? At least not since we’ve owned a house.
  3. There is a nice bar/restaurant here. While we’re still not drinking alcohol, having a nice cold Ting when on a break is awesome.
  4. The Wi-Fi here is Blazing Fast!

Flushing the 2-stroke with fresh water.

Look at all that water… it’s decadent!

How can you tell a boatyard dog? She has anti-foul paint on her butt!

Someone is looking a little naked!

More boatyard supervisors. Or perhaps they are the groundkeepers?