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Yesterday, after months of planning, we were finally able to take possession of our new tender. After being dropped off at Budget Marine by our friend Steve (we were kind of stranded without a dinghy), we found the 13′ aluminum hulled AB RIB waiting for us, all nice and shiny. Bas, the manager of the Cole Bay store, has been extremely helpful to us over the past few months, both in procuring the tender and the Yamaha 40HP outboard engine on it, and helping us to acquire multiple other products and info.

Once we had our new ride, Rebecca, Michael and I spent all day yesterday running from store to store, collecting items for the Leopard’s refit. Today we expect will be much of the same. All of the items that we had shipped from Miami are apparently waiting for us here at the 4-Star cargo terminal, and our friend Alberto from Barnacles has offered to take us there in his pickup to collect them. We also have a couple of other items waiting at our friends David and Ed’s office so we need to collect those things as well. Thanks again to everyone for helping us to pull this together.

While working our way through our shopping frenzy, we are also maintaining a close eye on the weather. This is not the best time of year to be this far north in the Caribbean, as evidenced by the definite lack of other boats in SXM bays and in the lagoon.


  1. Very, very nice tender there guys, all the best with it and the rest of your shopping pickups.

  2. One very happy looking owner!



    • Thanks. We think so too! But since we have named him Bob, we might have to address the tender in the masculine even though it is contrary to tradition.

      • bob1 [bob] Show IPA noun, verb, bobbed, bob·bing.
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      • There are lots of girls called Bobbie.

  3. That’ll sure extend the reach of the Mother ship. Can’t wait for the tubing pics!

  4. Lots of HP for “Bob”!

    I’ve always wondered – can you put more people in a 10′ dink with 9.9hp than will fit on a 13′ center console with a big pusher? Think you can get 10 folks to shore on Bob from One Love?

    Wanna see the photo while you lift and store that big Yamaha on the rail like you did on ZTC!


    • The tender is specced for 7 people. The trick will be planing with all 7. 🙂

      The console definitely takes up room. The same dink without the console would definitely carry more stuff. It just wouldn’t be as fun.

      As for lifting it, we will be removing the engine for the passage to Grenada. The davits need to be reinforced before carrying the dinghy a long distance and we won’t get to that until Grenada. It should be… interesting.

  5. Just wondering, why 40hp? What advantage does it give you over say 20hp? It certainly looks big and heavy especially compared to the boat!

    Are you planning on skiing?

  6. He’s like……almost half the size of ZTC, only doing it mono!

  7. How much does Bob weigh, motor and all….?

  8. Damn nice tender guys. No more wet rides to shore for you!

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