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As regular followers have come to find, it is not too often that a day goes by without me posting on this blog. Yesterday was “one of those days” though. We started early, catching the bus from Port Louis Marina where we had stayed on our friends’ boat back to Grenada Marine. It was a busy day, detailed in the photos below. All went well and we are confident that ZTC will fair well on her vacation. We will have the opportunity to check on her again in six weeks time which is good. If anything is amiss at that time, we’ll be able to make adjustments.

Today and tomorrow, we’ll be taking advantage of our friend Kirk’s hospitality. As mentioned, his boat Ainulindale is berthed at Port Louis Marina, just a hop, skip and jump away from the awesome showers and swimming pool!

In 48 hours time we’ll be off to the US. Today though, we get to help Kirk with some engine maintenance. The fun never ends! 🙂

The deck received a thorough fresh-water bath and scrubbing.

The trampoline was taken to the sail loft to be cleaned and to receive some small repairs.

I was concerned that in a big blow the hooks from the tie-down straps
might flap around and chip the gelcoat so I secured them.

Holes in the boom were plugged to limit the spots where birds might take up residence.

Lines were coiled and hung in a way so that they could dry themselves after a rainstorm.

Hatches and port lights were covered on the inside with tinfoil
to prevent damage done to the interior by the sun.

Cushions, dodger and clothes all stored in a way to prevent (hopefully) mildew.
Every surface was wiped down with vinegar.

Improvised Damprid container.

One bucket with Damprid was placed in each hull.

The anchor, rode and chain are stored on a sawhorse to eliminate
the possibility of it rusting inside the boat.

The dinghy was stored on blocks, covered securely with a tarp and locked to the boat.

Our last act of preparation was to trip off two bug bombs in the boat. We each had one can, Rebecca was in the port hull and I was in the starboard. We counted to three, pressed the buttons simultaneously and both ran for the door. Beware any bugs who think you might like to visit ZTC in our absence. I would not recommend it!