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Rebecca and I have always enjoyed camping. We especially enjoyed taking off in our sea kayaks to places where we would be unlikely to run into any other hikers. That said, we have been known to spend some time in public campgrounds too, with family, friends or during retreats with our martial arts students. The last couple of days here in the boatyard have reminded us a lot of the campground experience, almost. The truth is that the boatyard has all of the things that we dislike about camping with none of the good things.

We still have a number of the camping items in this pic onboard ZTC.

What do we dislike?

  • Due to our cleaning schedule, we have displaced ourselves from our berth and are now sleeping in the salon on the bed created by lowering our salon table.
  • The boat’s toilet is out of service so we must travel a good distance to the public restrooms.
  • Our watermaker is obviously also out of service so when we run out of our stock of water, we’ll have to jerry jug it to the boat.
  • Dishwater, which is normally drained directly overboard, now needs to be dealt with in some other fashion so as to not attract pests.
  • Worst of all, we have been plagued by mosquitos and noseeums each night!

What we’re missing is all the cool stuff that goes with camping: swimming in the lake, hiking the trails, campfires… that’s right, no roasting marshmallows! 🙁

Dawn in our camp, with no one around for miles.

I wrote a post the other day about how the crew of More Joy Everywhere are selling their boat. In the post of theirs that I linked, they said that they felt that boating was a lot like camping and that they didn’t enjoy camping. Well, if they thought that cruising was like camping, I’m pretty sure that they would hate the boatyard even more!

Nighttime in the boat yard would be peaceful,
if there weren’t so many mosquitos trying to suck my blood!