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FAQ #4: How long are you going to do this for?

I’m pretty sure that I wrote the following reply to that question years ago, before we ever set sail and I expect, before we even had a boat.

How does one really answer a question like that? Forever is what I usually say, knowing of course that it won’t really be the case. Unlike many others, Rebecca and I have no 4-year plan to circumnavigate the globe and then move on to the next big thing (we think such a plan is very cool, it’s just not what we’re up for).

I remember reading a thread on Sailnet, an internet forum catering to sailors and cruisers, that asked the question “Would you get bored of cruising?” One of the replies stuck out in my mind. The poster said “I got bored…but it took six years. Best six years of my life! Nothing has to be forever to be worth doing!” In my mind that is perfect!

That is just us, of course. We do know that many others have entirely different plans and experiences. For example, some set out cruising intending to do so for the long term but quickly realize that the lifestyle isn’t for them. They then retreat back to the land-based lifestyle that they left behind. There’s no foul for doing so; everyone needs to do what makes them happy. Others head out sailing knowing that they can only do so for a limited time, a sabbatical of sorts. What happens when that sabbatical is over is unique to each person though.

Some, after returning home, quickly and happily assume the lives that they left behind, along with all of its trappings (new car, new couch, new big screen TV, etc.). The remainder, however, return to land kicking and screaming, never to be the same again. Like the character Neo in the movie The Matrix, after he had taken the red pill, they can never look at the typical “work all year to buy more stuff” lifestyle in the same way. The latter group has amongst it’s membership Alan and Christina, a couple of friends from our time in Georgetown (2011), who are currently on holiday here in Grenada.

Alan and Christina treated us to lunch at the beautiful Petite Anse resort. This is the view from our table, overlooking Diamond Rock, Isle de Rhonde, Carriacou and Union Island.

While we did play volleyball together back in Georgetown, we really didn’t get to spend a bunch of time with Alan and Christina getting to know them. Happily that has now changed a bit as the day after they arrived here in Grenada, we got together for coffee on One Love, and following that, a nice drive around the island.

While enjoying coffee and some homemade muffins that Rebecca had baked, Alan confessed that they have been following our blog ever since their 1-year sabbatical ended. Isn’t that nice? 🙂 I found it refreshing, if not invigorating, to talk to someone who already knows first hand what living on a boat involves and in spite of that, or because of that, is still dreaming about getting back out here.

While back on land now, Alan and Christina tell us that they are once again counting the days, working on their second escape plan, this one of a more permanent nature. Will they make it happen? I’m confident that they will. Unlike a lot of others, it sounds to me as if they’re not just sitting on the sidelines dreaming. Instead they’re actually taking steps to make it happen!


  1. Mike and Rebecca – we are so glad to have reconnected with you two! You are the most gracious hosts and we have appreciated getting to know you both so much better. The invite to participate in the Grenada hash today was an awesome experience – thanks for sharing one of your passions with us! Your are both excellent ambassadors for live-aboard cruising and we thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through you and the blog – cheers!!

  2. I like to count myself in the group that is actually taking steps to make it happen (as I count the days to our escape plan). Too bad there are more days to count than I would really like!

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