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Yesterday I posted a couple of underwater shots from our snorkeling excursion at the mouth of Calivigny Harbor. We had the opportunity to go out for a couple of hours again yesterday and although we once again came home without any lobster, be did snap a few more photos. This brings up the question of which camera takes better underwater shots, our Canon PowerShot D20 or our GoPro HD Hero 2 with Dive Housing*. Although obviously not a scientific study, what do you think?

GoPro HDHero 2

Canon D20

GoPro HDHero 2

Canon D20

GoPro HDHero 2

Canon D20

GoPro HDHero 2

Canon D20

GoPro HDHero 2

Canon D20

GoPro HDHero 2

Canon D20

And although not underwater, nor even that clear of footage (low light video is tough to shoot), I have been taking advantage of our good Wi-Fi signal here and uploading some video to our Youtube channel. Here is a quick flashback to last month’s carnival:

*Forget about trying to take good underwater photos with the GoPro using the housing which comes standard with the camera. It is certainly waterproof but will not take clear shots. If you wish to use this camera for underwater photography you must purchase the Dive Housing.


  1. Not fair….Rebecca is in all the canon shots so it is easy…..I do think the cannon is a tad clearer….I tell people that the Go Pro is a good accessory camara…..If you did not do side by sides, the Go Pro would be beautiful shots and no one would find fault with them at all……Both achieved success, but Cannon gets my vote

  2. all great pics

  3. Have any of these shots had any color/saturation adjustments? Or are these raw photos? I like both cameras too, but I’m partial to the Canon because I know my D10 so well.

  4. Canon was sharper but both did a great job.

  5. Definitely the Cannon. I have used the D10 for several years; it is very steady and reliable. Plus it takes excellent pictures.

  6. I vote for the Canon. The color and sharpness seem better. BTW – That brain coral looks like its’ seen better days. Would you say the rest of the coral in the area is in the same condition, or healthier?

  7. i would agree with Cannon

  8. Great photos! The Canon D20 consistently rates high in reviews of “tough cameras.” Although a bit pricey compared to others, the results speak for themselves. I would definitely choose the Canon.

  9. In general I liked the Canon better. It is hard with all of the variables, they were all great pics!

  10. I think the Go Pro has much more detail in the shadows, where the Canon isn’t showing this, however the color of the Canon images seem more true and less blue than the Go Pro. I see both are strong in different elements. I would seem to favor the Go Pro since it is easier to add warmth to an image and not find detail where it is not.

    • And the pro pics the GoPro. Interesting. I’m sure you’d agree there are far too many variables to make this an accurate study. The cameras are way too different IMO. But that said…

      Canon: 9
      GoPro: 1

  11. Thanks – good timing! I’m asking for the Canon D20 for my birthday next week because I’ve been through four Olympus “waterproof” cameras in the last several years. Do you soak them both in fresh water after coming out of salt water? How long did you use the D10? Have you had any problems with any waterproof cameras leaking?

    • We still have our D10 and although it is no longer really waterPROOF, I can’t hold that against it. We definitely abused that camera and never rinsed it after having it in the salt water. We still use it when we’re really going “off-roading.”

      We are taking much better care of our D20 and do gently rinse it under fresh water after each trip in the ocean. I think you’ll love the D20.

  12. There is now a red filter for the GoPro Dive Housing on Amazon that would make a huge change in the color spectrum underwater.

  13. Canon – but not by much.


  14. I’m going to call it a tie. Some of the Cannon shots looked better but some of the Go Pro shots looked better to me.

  15. Well, I would have a hard time picking. They both are pretty fabulous. And the first one is my favourite and that’s a GoPro one so… for all those who picked Canon, you must have a much better eye than I do. The one of Rebecca on the surface is my second fav and that’s a GoPro as well. I’ve always liked the pictures you’ve captured with your Canon so, I can’t pick.

  16. I know this is an old post, but, as we all know the agro of multi leads, plugs and adaptors, looking at reasonably priced underwater cameras without all the above.! Have you had any feedback on a Fujifilm Finepix xp 60 camera, specs better than the Cannon D20 but without the excess baggage please.?

  17. mike, you and your girlfriend are sexis

  18. hey Mike. I know that the GPS do not work underwater, but i do not know how to use the GPS out of the water. can you help me?

    • Do you mean the GPS on the camera? If so, I have never used it. I suspect it logs the coordinates in the meta data of the image to be read by some compatible application.

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