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It’s probably not necessary to say this but Rebecca and I are a tiny bit competitive, and that does have its downsides. One downside in particular relates to the Hash runs that we do. Yes, although I seldom describe Hashes as “runs” to Virgins, the name we have for those who have yet to participate in a Hash, Rebecca and I do run, as fast as the terrain and our fitness will allow.

What’s typically great about Hashing is that it affords the participants the opportunities to travel to and explore amazing and out-of-the way places all around the island. The downside to Hashing as we do it is that, more often than not, we have our eyes glued to the ground, searching for the paper trail to follow, and of course, watching out for any branches or vines that might trip us up. Because of this, we seldom get to really enjoy the beautiful scenery that borders the trails. Oh well, we can always come back later, right?

Well, in some situations we actually do. Almost a year ago we participated in a Hash that took us right by the Mount Carmel waterfalls. As we ran past the towering cascade, I barely had time to snap a pic before my competitive, fast-running wife left me in the dust (mud actually). That brief glimpse was enough to whet our appetite though and since that time, we have been talking about heading back there. Yesterday we finally made it happen.

On Tuesday we called our friends Wade and Maureen who are still anchored back in Hog Island and enticed them into meeting us at Mount Carmel. The truth is, they didn’t need much convincing! As we’re anchored in Calivigny Harbor, one bus closer to the falls than they are, we travelled separately but in spite of that, we still all managed to make it to our destination within 15 minutes of one another. As the photos below will show, the weather was great and we had a spectacular time playing in the water and snapping photos of the fantastic scenery. In addition to hanging out at the high waterfall, we also spent quite a bit of time playing on the “waterslides” at Basse Falls which are located just a short walk downstream.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. For those interested in following in our footsteps, take the number 2 bus towards Grenville and if you’re not sure where to get off, tell the bus driver that you’re heading to Mount Carmel. The trail from the road where the bus drops you off to the waterfalls is only 15-20 minutes and in our opinion, is about as easy as Grenadian trails come. For those who can’t get there themselves, I hope you enjoy the pics and video!

The audio on this clip isn’t great but I think the video makes up for it!


  1. The water slide looks like a bruising experience, not to mention some rock rash, eh?

  2. Beautiful … looks like a lotta fun! A little scary sliding down those rocks, but fun nonetheless!

  3. The waterslide looks like the one we used to hike to near deep river!!

  4. Well now I know what I’m going to be doing tomorrow! Looks like great fun! Glad I came across your site. I’ll be looking for more things to do now.

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