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The Flamboyants have to be among the most beautiful trees.
We are blessed to see them everywhere around Grenada.

Is Rebecca just fooling around or is she inspecting the mangroves to ascertain
how we might tie up ZTC in the event of a storm?

Our own private beach that we found near the entrance to Port Egmont.

No invisible wires required!

We found these guys near the dock at Calivigny Harbor.
They seem to enjoy having their photos taken.

With all the prickly plants around here, one needs to be careful when exploring barefoot.

When we take a walk to the “corner store” our route frequently looks like this.

Rebecca warming up for the big lobster hunt.

There’s one, teasing us.

We got some nice pics while snorkeling but sadly no lobster.

And although not actually a “tropical” image, I had to share this pic of what we feel is the best pizza on the island. Check out this masterpiece which we found at Rick’s Cafe. It makes me hungry just looking at the photo!


  1. Beautiful Photography! Mike you look like Tarzan!

  2. Thanks for sharing the great pics.

  3. These are great and just what we needed to see this morning over our coffee as we’re hunkered down in Delaware City waiting for this very rainy and windy system to blow through… knowing that tomorrow when we leave, we’ll be one step closer to “south” – thanks for sharing “Tarzan and Jane”. LOL.

  4. Your photos would be wonderful for the Grenada Board of Tourism, if there is such a thing…They make ME want to come to Grenada! (but then again, maybe you’d like to keep it your own little secret!)

  5. Great photos! Love that private beach ya’ll found … and that walk to the store, nice! Those parrots are beautiful too … have never seen any with bright pink colors before.

    No matter where I am, I’ll always love my pizza!

  6. Love these photos – inspiration to stick to our goal of getting down to Panama one day! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ahhhh…beautiful pictures and yes, coffee is in hand. Great start to a great day! Thanks for that.

  8. WOW!!!!! What gorgeous pictures. And I am very jealous of your walk for groceries.

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