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Survey Day. A very significant step in our plan. If the survey went well we would move from the wannabe category to full-fledged boat owners. If not, it was back to web-shopping for boats!

We woke early to be on the road by 7 AM, knowing that we would have to contend with Toronto rush-hour traffic to make the 11:00 AM appointment for the survey. When we arrived, our surveyor Richard was already doing his thing, inspecting Katana’s insides. Anthony and Jackie had, at this point, made themselves scarce but arrived just in time to help with the haul-out process for the Cat. Seeing such an expensive vessel squeezed into a lift not much wider than her hull and then lifted into the air where no boat is meant to be is nerve racking to say the least. And we don’t even own her (yet)!

As you can see by the pics the haul-out went fine with no accidental boat dropping (and smashing)!

Richard sat down with us in private after he was done his survey and reviewed his findings. We will be receiving his report in the next day or so and although there are some things he says need to be addressed there were no deal-breaking problems. Phew! Honestly, we would have been surprised had there been but, as is likely obvious to all of the readers here, we know virtually squat about boats (yet).

After Richard left, Rebecca and I spent quite a bit of time with Anthony and Jackie. As much as we are happy to have such an awesome boat, we are also very happy that Katana’s owners have turned out to be so cool. We enjoyed our time with them today and are really looking forward to the delivery trip on the July 4th weekend. Anthony seems super eager to help us and share his knowledge of Katana, something we truly appreciate. As our surveyor said, “you can’t place a price on help like that!


  1. Shawn and Heather

    Congratulations, guys!!! And ‘what comes around goes around’ – you guys were so helpful to us, I’m glad that the owners are helping you guys! Looks awesome!!!

  2. Congratulations! It is great to see that you have found what you are looking for and more! It looks like a great Cat and I am sure you guys will have a ton of fun sailing around, and learning everything about her!

  3. Congratulations on this exciting point in your journey!

    Gael Force

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