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Fingers and toes are all crossed!

Early tomorrow morning we will be on the road to Toronto where our hopefully new boat is being hauled out of the water to be surveyed. We will be meeting our surveyor Richard Hutchings and Katana’s owners Anthony and Jackie Motley at the Port Credit Marina. The survey is a big deal as it is the final step before we will officially be boat owners!

It is obvious to us that Anthony and Jackie are very attached to Katana. We don’t want to get too attached ourselves until this is a done deal but we know she would be perfect for us! Fingers and toes are all crossed!

Today we visited Kingston’s other major marine supplier, Pride Marine. Unlike West Marine this is a family-owned business which is located in a (the owners’?) house. They had a lot of stuff on the shelves and we dropped some money there on a new 2009 chart book for Lake Ontario and the area. I am pretty sure this will come in handy!


  1. Mike & Rebecca
    Congrates on your new floating home and all the best in years to come. The boat far exceded my expectations by a mile and its one in a life time purchases that should leave a smile on your faces for your lifetime together. Its now your responsibility to keep her to her highest levels and maintain a heritage she has come to enjoy.
    All the best in your future voyages and please keep in touch.
    Richard Hutchings

    • Thanks very much Richard. Rebecca and I really appreciate how helpful you have been! We will do our best to keep Katana as pristine as Anthony and Jackie have.

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