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To begin, we love when our blog readers leave comments! Although we certainly didn’t start this blog to receive feedback (we were as much blog newbies as we were sailing newbies), it sure is nice to see that at least a few people are reading this stuff and following along. I have heard it said that comments are like candy for bloggers. We think they’re even better. They’re like zero-calorie treats for us!

With that said, if you’re going to leave a comment, whether it be positive or negative, please be clear about what you’re commenting on. Case in point… I received this comment yesterday:

You people are shameless. There are no other words for it.

I’m not sure exactly how to take that. I assume it wasn’t a compliment, but being a “the glass is half full” as opposed to “half empty” kind of guy, I’ll take it as a compliment anyway. Thank you. 🙂

The person who left that comment unfortunately didn’t leave their name. They instead left a letter. A. I’m pretty sure that is not this person’s name. Even Cher has 4 letters. How could this person only have one?

So that brings me to my next suggestion. If you’re going to leave a comment, please leave your name.

And my final point on this subject is this… the internet is so cool these days, if you do come across something that you don’t like on our blog, or any other web page for that matter, there are a bazillion other web pages that you can surf to. 🙂

And of course, yes, I do censor out the stupid comments.

Right now, while tied to the wall in Sylvan Beach, there is a bit of a “noise” competition going between our honda generator running on the stern and the 20+ knot wind howling outside. I’m not sure which one is louder.

We arrived here early yesterday after leaving Brewerton at 0-dark-30. When we cast off the water was like glass, exactly how we wanted it. Yes, the sky was a bit overcast, and the forecasters had predicted the chance of an isolated thunderstorm, but they have been predicting that every day for a week. Guess what? For once they got it right. At almost exactly the half way point across the lake, the wind jumped and it started raining. Raining sideways! Unable to deviate from the narrow channel, we were forced to hold our course. I’m happy to say that outside of the water kicking up a bit of a chop, the ride across wasn’t nearly as bad as we had feared. The thunderstorm just added a bit of excitement to it.

No, we didn’t request this thunderstorm just so that we would have a story to tell!

Note: The worst waves we encountered were just after leaving Brewerton when a big powerboat blew buy us in the narrow channel. Jerk! Perhaps he should have read the comments from yesterday’s post!

Was leaving yesterday a good idea? Absolutely. With the wind blowing, the lake looks to be a mess right now. There is no way we would have attempted to cross today and we’re much happier on this side of the lake.


  1. My name is John……..Great photo of Rebecca with the sunset…..I can’t believe someone would write that comment……Maybe in a future post, you can list the “top 10 ” comments that never made it to the blog……when you guys take pictures of both of you on the boat, do you just extend your arm and snap away or do you use a tri pod…Are you guys going to do videos again….

    • Hi John. 🙂

      To be honest, that is the only stupid comment that we have received, except for the million or so trying to sell viagra.

      99% of the close-up pics of us on the boat are done with me just holding the camera away. The tripod would take a bit more planning. I did see a camera mount on a stick which allows you to hold it a bit farther away. It looked cool but my ape-like reach helps us to get a similar effect. 😉

      As for videos, yes. They take a bit more time but we’ll be putting some up as we go along. Perhaps when you visit us in NYC.

      • Your comment spam has been about ED drugs? Funny, I thought illegal online casinos were the hot thing this year.

        All bot-generated rubbish aside (have you tried Mollom? It cuts the crap out quite nicely once you figure out how to configure it), the commenters on this blog are among the best around, generally of comparable quality to what we see from Morgan’s Cloud and far ahead of anything on the news/politics sites. Good articles plus a good crowd keeps us coming back 🙂

        Oh, and good call on getting that Honda… the 5 kW one we use up north has never failed us and rarely needs anything more than an annual oil change and inspection in something like 20 years. Quality engineering is worth it!


        • We use Akismet for Spam and it catches it all, with only a tiny amount of false positives (I check them all to make sure those comments aren’t lost).

          The commenters here ARE the best. I have learned soooo much! I’m not familiar with the Morgan’s Cloud site but I’ll check it out. Thanks.

  2. I think that comment notes a tone of jealousy. We’re all envious of you two.

  3. I have to say that the frequency of comments needing censure over at Windborne is also remarkably low (knock on wood).

    I think it is because sailors are such stellar folks!


  4. The best response to negative comments is to just keep showing those new pictures of those big smiles on your faces! Glad the storm wasn’t too bad – those power boats can be worse!

    • A power boat JUST went by so fast that the wake he created almost put the two smaller boats behind us UP ON THE DOCK! Where is my slingshot???

      • I was once asked, only half in jest, if I could design a small wake-homing torpedo for a friend whose dock was regularly buzzed by wakeboard boats. Nothing big enough to sink the boat, see, just enough to put a dent in the prop or rudder to force them back to idle.
        I’ve heard that shredded yellow poly rope does interesting things to the propshaft bearings of high-speed craft, especially the jet drive varieties…. but you didn’t hear that from me (insert 20 pages of legal disclaimers here) 😉

  5. Mike and Rebecca,

    Have been following your blog for the last year and a half (my Saturday morning treat). I’m addicted so don’t stray too far from the internet. You are both very motivating (hubby and I are about 8-10 yrs away from cast off)and I wish you all the best.


    • Hi Kathleen

      Thank you. We were struggling to find internet in the last couple of places. It is really sketchy here right now. I have a better antenna on the way so hopefully that will help us to stay more “connected.”


      Good luck with your “cast off” plans!

  6. Mike and Rebecca,

    From the beginning, your blog has been well written with great pictures (except for the black bar thing!) and good comments from the folks who follow you (I always like seeing your dad’s comments).

    I might say that it is just awesome that you have not only set some cool goals that you are also achieving, AND letting the world follow along, but upon reflection…

    You people are shameless. There are no other words for it. 😀

    Fair Winds,
    – er, um, Mike

  7. Hey guys, don’t fret about the comment Like another post I think its about jealousy. Like who doesn’t want to be living on a boat, be as BUFF and HOT as you two? Of course Al and I are legends in our own minds, just minus the buff & hot. I agree blog comments for the most part are like finding M & M’s. Were you served by the Brewerton Brats? Its fun seeing your pics of the same places we were a whole year ago. Have fun, you shameless people 🙂 (just teasing.)

  8. I love the look foul weather gear jackets you’re wearing. Can you tell me what the brand & model are? I’d ask you how they have been so far, but you haven’t really had a chance to try ’em out yet on the open, cold Atlantic… 🙂

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