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We stopped last night on the west side of Lock 20, the first in a series of “down” locks (for eastbound travelers) which will ultimately lower us to the Hudson River. We left Sylvan Beach with what I would guess had to be about 25 knots of wind blowing but once we made it away from Lake Oneida and into the canal, it calmed down considerably. If any part of the canal system could be considered a bit boring, it would probably be the leg we covered yesterday. There was a stretch of the canal about 14 miles long that was straight as an arrow, with not much to look at. Because it’s all new for us, we still enjoyed the trip but we anticipate that today’s traveling will be a bit more scenic. Our destination today is Little Falls, which we assume should be about 3 hours from here. After some exercise and changing the engine oil (body maintenance and engine maintenance) we’ll be on our way. The water is smooth as glass and the sun is already out. It’s going to be another great day!

Ummm, definitely glad we are NOT out there right now. We are even a bit unsure how we are going to get off the dock today!

The goose was enjoying himself, riding around in the turbulent water.

The first of several “guard gates” that we will be going through.

Many of the marinas around here appear to be very protected. Not too sailboat-friendly though.

Safe on the wall at Lock 20.

Oh great, a participaction-type workout park.

We are here!

Check out those cool rope fenders!


  1. Just discovered yall’s blog after someone on the cruisers forum posted it as one of the best sailing blogs.

    Wife and I are hopefully 6 months from buying our first sailboat and becoming live aboards ourselves, but wanted to drop a line and let you know I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey so far. Hopefully we’ll see you on the water. Good luck with getting through the canals.

  2. Tilt-A-Whirl

    Hmm….nice name for a boat or……

  3. Maybe “A.” is a bit jealous… We admire your guts and your spirit to do this adventure. Pete went to the doctor on Friday. He (like a lot of other people) sometimes forgets a word in the middle of a conversation. The doc said the key is to continue to learn NEW things. We found on our short trips on s/v Isabella that we are learning new things. See – you’re ahead of the doctors.

    Your photos are great and your blog allows us to see a part of the country we have not seen. So if “A” does not want to get up each day and read your blog, then so be it. . . .

    • I’m not sure it’s helping me. I can’t tell you how many times I stop mid sentence and can’t remember what I was going to say. Rebecca knows not to interrupt me or there is a huge chance that I’ll never be able to finish what I had started (when talking that is). Or perhaps the doctor is right and without this, I’d be even worse?!?! What was I going to say again?

  4. Really cool fenders – wish I knew how to make some of those!

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