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It seems like ages since Rebecca and I were making our way south through the US but in spite of that, certain instances still remain very clear in our memories. One time in particular, we dropped our hook in Wrightsville Beach and watched our cruising companions on Knot Tide Down attempt to do the same on the other side of the bay. A boat’s owner apparently took exception to the spot that they chose, believing that they were too close to where his boat was lying. The French Captain of that vessel yelled over to our buddies “You’re too close. You’re not my friend. If you were my friend, it would be OK, but you’re not my friend.” We had a laugh about this especially because we think that Bill and Ana are excellent friends and that guy, by saying this, basically ruled out any chance that they would get acquainted. Oh well, it was his loss.

The reason why this story currently stands out in my mind is because we returned from Hashing on Saturday evening to find that our boat was really close to our friends’ boat, Free Spirit. I mean REALLY close! It wasn’t that way when we anchored, and with the winds blowing from the normal direction, it wouldn’t be. But with the wind out of the north, as it has been for the last day or so, we have swung into a straight line, our stern hovering just out of reach of our friends’ large bowsprit!

This morning’s sunrise in the calm Hog Island anchorage.

The thing is, if they weren’t our friends, I would have been extremely concerned. In fact, we likely would have moved. They are our friends though and know that we’re not newbies. In addition, the winds, although blowing from a strange direction, are light and will likely remain so as long as they stay north. We spoke to them and they said not to stress about it. To increase the comfort factor though, if the wind stays the same we’ll likely bring in a bit of our anchor rode and if they choose, they can let out a bit more chain.

So, perhaps the French guy who we laughed at back in the US wasn’t all that far off. This does, once again, prove though that it’s good to have friends!

A gift from our friend Donna.