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Quite possible the last nice weekend of the year has come and gone and we were extremely happy to be by a river where an old Laser was begging to be let loose on the water. The post title said this was our first sail even though that is not completely true. I have been out with others a couple of times in the past. Rebecca has even sailed a Laser solo as a young girl. I described this as our first sail because with all the reading we have been doing this is the first time we actually had a grasp on what we were supposed to be doing. How to tack and jibe, the points of sail, which boat had the right of way, all of the things we have been reading about. We didn’t even dump the boat (fortunately the winds were light because the water would NOT have been too pleasant)!


  1. awww I love this post! The beginning 🙂 and I’ve sailed that boat by myself to….. not the greatest experience lol!

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