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Now it actually feels like a plan instead of just a dream!

While shopping online for more sailing books we stumbled across a link for Offshore Sailing’s “Fast track to Cruising” course. Instantly excited by the course’s description we fired off an email looking for more info. We were both shocked and impressed when within 2 hours we received a phone call from Carrie, a rep. at Offshore Sailing, calling to give us info on the course. We were even more shocked to find that one of the few times we can actually get away for an extended period, Christmas holidays, was available to us for the course. Did we hesitate to book it? Of course not! We are now counting the days until our first HUGE step forward in achieving our dream.


  1. Just started reading your blog, very interesting, cant wait to get to the latest posts……

    Would love to write a review about your site soon on my own blog if that is ok? Feel free to add my blog onto your research page 😉 lol

  2. Hi! My husband and I are just now starting the planning stage, similarly to you from what I’ve seen! I was so happy to see this post because we have no knowledge of sailing at all! All we know is that we want to do it and want to be confident in our abilities to leave land and live on a boat around the world. Did you enjoy the course? Was it worth it? Did it get you from nothing to comfortable? Thanks!!! Hoping to keep my blog updated and one day be on the seas!!

    • Hi Samantha

      Yes, we definitely enjoyed the course. It was a great start for us. If you’re looking at doing something similar, know that there are other avenues available. For example, we have good friends who run a sailing school in Grenada. They teach week-long ASA certified sailing/liveaboard classes. Check out their site:

      If you make it down this way, perhaps we could even meet up!

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