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I have been accused of writing so much on this blog that people can’t keep up. To at least partially remedy that, today I’ll only be sharing a short video. I stumbled upon this piece the other day, and while not long, I believe it contains some powerful truths. I hope you’ll take the three minutes to review it.


  1. Mike, this soooo hits home and talks to the soul. Thank you!!

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for passing this video on. Great stuff!!!

    Bill Creadon

  3. What a wonderful video..thank you for sharing!! I have been sailing for the last 9 months and am beginning to understand the simplisity of happiness..its not money or possessions in life. .I am enjoying and embracing every day..

  4. Mike and Rebecca – reading your blog is my favourite daily ritual in the morning….keep writing!!!!

  5. That is uplifting and powerful. So true!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Mike:

    Thanks so much for the turtle sighting info – we love Cooper Island….it’s about as idyllic as anyplace we’ve been in the BVIs. We’ll take your advice and hopefully see turtles.
    Thanks again – best of luck in you and Rebecca’s amazing journey.


  7. Awesome video Mike. Thanks for sharing.

  8. As I prepare to go sit in an office for another 10 hour day, that’s really freaking depressing…

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