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Last week I not only dropped a bombshell on most of you, letting you know that we’re ready to take a break from boating, I also began laying a fairly-elaborate breadcrumb trail, leading you down a path to our announcing what our next big adventure is going to be. As it turns out, a few people actually guessed correctly after Saturday’s post. Congratulations to those who were able to put two and two together, read between the lines, and of course read the posts in their entirety rather than just looking at the photos and making guesses. 🙂

Our new adventure vehicles are going to be… 

Custom, semi-fat mountain bikes!

Specifically, Tumbleweed Prospectors, built up by the bike’s designer, Daniel Molloy

These bikes were our Christmas presents to one another. Where will our new human-powered vehicles take us? Without a doubt, to many exciting places, but that’s fodder for some future posts. At this very moment, the bikes have not yet been built, and in fact, the bike frames are still on a ship somewhere, en route to the US. That works out fine for us though as we still have a few hurdles to overcome before we’d be able to mount them, and begin our land-based travels. We are excited though!

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” – Ernest Hemingway


  1. This will be interesting. I’ve followed along as another sailing couple from Monday Never moved from their sail boat to a motorcycle and side car which I thought was wild. You topped that. Looking forward to following along on the ride.

    And of course, as always, the best to you both. Life is short, seize the day and own it.

    Inquiring minds will want to know…what color are the bikes going to be!?

  2. OK you guys have always appeared to the the most fit cruisers I’ve followed but that is something else. Could not agree more that the slower pace allows you to take in sites, smells, experiences that we all gave up when we graduated to an automobile but the mere thought makes my butt hurt!

  3. Pity you choose yellow, Rebecca will not look at you anymore to avoid setting that color :-p
    Riding a bike and traveling together is a beautiful thing. Where will you be travelling?

  4. The question I have is where will you start?

  5. Oh wow! I look forward to your adventures whereever they take you. Is Frost going on the hard? Do you think you will eventually sail her down south?

  6. YEAH! It’s just like you birthed a new baby. So happy for you both (but mostly for Rebecca.)

    I am going to get you the little bell that goes on the handle bars. We road some bikes in Miami and had a great time running people off the sidewalk and ringing that little bell. (We really didn’t run them off the sidewalk on purpose. We were confused on which side to ride.)


    • I need a bell that bears can understand, one that says “Don’t maul me.” I don’t want there to be any confusion.

      • Awesome, just don’t install them backwards. Read the directions carefully! Otherwise it will be telling the bears ‘please maul me!’.

      • Someday I’ll share the story of the 10 minutes (seemed like hours, could have been 2 minutes) stand-off I once shared with a Grizzly. Just a chance meeting, but he wouldn’t leave, and wasn’t going to run.

        My climbing partner told me that the next day I seem completely without fear, climbing ice like a mad man. I think I simply ran out of a fear for about 36 hours. Nothing seemed scary, by comparison. Soon enough, I was back to normal.

  7. WOW! Sooo excited for you both!! Your new adventure sounds like the ride of a lifetime!

  8. You need some suspension on them bikes to soften the bumps!

  9. A belated Merry Christmas and a vigorous new year to you both. The bikes look great. What types of custom features are you having built onto the bikes, if any other than what they offer? Maybe some kind of upper body workout for Rebecca hahaha.

    • Even though we’ll be traveling super minimalist, Rebecca is adamant that she bring her Aerosling with her.

      Those particular frames have been designed for off-road touring. In addition to a Rohloff sealed-gear rear hub, a dynamo front hub, and tubeless 3″ tires, the rest of the components have been chosen (by Daniel, not us) for durability, and ease of repair (access to parts).

  10. Hey Mike, sounds like an adventure. I’ve been mtn biking for 30 yrs and still do, as does my wife. Our vacations are based around biking. Our goal is to get that boat, sail around with mtn bikes and ride wherever we sail.

    Check out MTB Project app….it’s free and pretty much has every mtn bike trail everywhere. Haven’t used much in other countries yet, just the US and some Canada. REI sponsors this app and they do a US National Park app that is amazing. They are gps based, no cell service required.

  11. I dig it. Good move on engaging a pro to build and help you outfit.
    There is an art and science to matching the bike to the type of riding you are gonna do, and when you’re in remote areas, equipment failure can be crippling. Can’t really carry tons of spares and tools, like on a boat.

    The cool part, at least I hope you’ve considered it, is that we (your followers) may be able to come do some day rides with you as you traverse the US.

    Congrats on doing something that will be even more interesting than sailing, for your “break” from cruising.

  12. Wish you both the very best in your new adventure. I’ve always wanted to do a trip like that… it will stay on my bucket list. Keep us posted , hope it’s all you want it to be.

  13. My wife and I have done a fair amount of bicycle touring. Our favorite places have been all over Hokkaido Japan (in the summer). We biked and camped all around it for several summers. There is nothing like exploring at the pace of a bicycle to help you see places and meet people.

    Best of luck! We are hoping to do some cruising at some point in the future. Far more complex that bicycle touring though!

  14. As you know, we support you guys 100% in your adventure.. May you always live life to the fullest and seek those dreams out. Best of luck my friends.

  15. NOt sure what the bike equivalent to “fair winds” is but all the best….

    Here’s a guy who does it for half a year on $10 a day

  16. So excited for both you and Rebecca! I can’t wait to see where your new adventure takes you. ☺

  17. Hope you have great travels! I have tried bike riding but I can’t get over that pain in my butt! It’s so uncomfortable I can’t go far. But I’m sure you’ll fare better than me!

    • Are you suggesting that I have a more padded butt? 😉

      • No, not at all, lol! I’m sure you’re in better shape than I am. I definitely have plenty of padding, maybe that’s the problem. That bike seat is so small I hang off of it! I’ve tried using a bigger one but it’s still very uncomfortable. Happy travels!

        • The “most comfortable” bike seat is a common topic of discussion, similar to “what is the best anchor.” I believe that it is subjective, and the answer is different for different people. Bigger is not necessarily better.

  18. Congratulations, very exciting! Camping every night? Interested in following how you will carry everything while riding a bicycle and how you will continue to eat healthy!! I did read WILD and her backpack was called “monster”!

  19. Sounds great Mike! Best of luck. My old boss, Russ Hornell, did biking for a decades. The Alaska hwy and some 1000 mile stretches in California etc. Keep the adventure going – beats working! As a side note, my first speaking date is this evening at UVIC. Looks like we are launching our new adventures together – I like the synchronicity!

  20. Best of luck! Good resource for bicycle touring, with tours from all over and all around the world:

  21. If you are looking at any distance to be covered, knobby tires will suck the life out of your ride. If you are on roads, look into a touring bike. I’ve done Ride the Rockies several times and can tell you after mountain bikes vs road/touring bikes there is a VAST difference in calories burned per mile. Either way, good on you. Jealous of the ride…good times!

    • Hi Don. Our intention is to ride off road, or at least off asphalt, as much as possible. This bike is purpose built for what we want to do. Tires are just tires, they can be changed.

  22. Oh WOW!!!!! Only you two!!!!! I can hear it now… you complaining that your legs and butt hurt and that Rebecca is always way out in front of you! LOL!!!

    Seriously though (although I was kinda serious): This is going to make for a lot of very interesting reading in the coming years, I am sure!!!

  23. Thanks for the update Mike. Those are awesome bikes!

  24. Sandra Montgomery– Ditto.. But– I was afraid that you two may be splitting up.. 7 Years on a Boat may just do that– Glad that ain’t the case.. You two have been afloat long enough..

  25. LOL – did not expect that! I remember about 1? 2 years ago? when you bought the Atmel for Patagonia commenting on why not look for a Dana or a NorSea as it would be easier to handle for 2, and you replied that it was too much like camping.

    Guess you really are into cramping (err camping) now.

    Having said that, this new adventure I think is probably more your beat…probably even more Rebecca’s.

    Looking forward reading about the new adventures.

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