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Observant blog regulars will notice a new addition in the right-hand sidebar today: Katana’s Wish List. It is, of course, not really Katana’s wish list. Rather, it is ours. We do think she’ll be happier when we do acquire this added kit though. 🙂

Things we “need” to acquire for departing:

(I put the word need in italics because we don’t really need all of this stuff. We could leave without it. Many of these things will make our voyages a little safer. I wonder if Santa reads blogs?)

  • Mustang Inflatable PFDs
  • Jacklines / Tethers
  • ICom M802 Digital Marine SSB Radio
  • Pactor III Modem
  • Watermaker
  • Increased water tankage
  • Charts for cruising areas
  • Wind Generator
  • More solar panels
  • Honda 2000 Generator


  1. Nice wishes! I think I saw that West Marine now has the ‘Hammer’ hydrostatic technology in their house brand line of PFDs – looks an awful lot like the Mustang and it might be a few bits less.

    Also, seriously look into the D-400 wind gen by Eclectic Energy and drop the KISS. The Kiss is very good, but the D-400 is quieter AND provides more um…energy! We read all the various specs and tests, then we spent 3 years dinghying up to wind gen equipped boats in a wide variety of anchorages and wind conditions. The two virtually silent products still being made were the Rutland 913 and the D-400 (the Rutland has pretty low output).

    If you get the wind gen and solar panels set up, you might be able to also drop the Honda.

    Fair Winds,

  2. Looks like you’d need either the watermaker OR the extra water tankage. Seems a watermaker would alleviate the need for big storage since you could replenish at will. Both take a lot of space I think so might be good to pick one of the two? What am I missing?

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