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While yesterday’s post focussed on all the work that the Moorings’ phase out team have been doing on One Love, the majority of the boat’s maintenance has now become my responsibility, or at least the day to day items have. While we were back in the US, I struggled with Yanmar’s convoluted and territorial distribution system, simply trying to purchase a supply of spare parts. Although I was completely unsuccessful there, we were able to get all that we wanted from Parts and Power here in Tortola. Plus 1 for the island guys!


  1. Was there much of a premium required to buy them local?

  2. That’s good to hear positive comments about local suppliers. Both Moorings and the Yanmar Parts and Power people.



  3. Don’t forget to get some Northern Lights Spares! Nothing like the genset throwing a belt at 3AM in the middle of a charter, and your guest want the A/C running!

    Kind regards,
    Wiley Sharp
    Denison Yacht Sales
    561 613 8985

  4. I wonder if it is actually more cost effective to get them in (insert non US Country here)? If they are imported from Japan, and straight into BVI, or through another British Country they could be less duty on them.

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