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Some people may remember the post where I talked about what happens during the rare times that the wind blows out of the west here in the Caribbean. In anchorages where the shelter is solely dependent upon the island being able to block the normally-easterly trade winds, the result of such a switch is never so good.

It just so happens that cruisers Windwards and Leewards were once again subjected to a change like this, the result of an Atlantic storm hundreds of miles away. As you’d expect, the wind shift once again created significant drama. Drama which included at least a couple of boats ending up on a beach.


This morning.

Fortunately for us, we happened to be inside the well-sheltered Le Marin anchorage when all this occurred. Even though the water around us became a bit rougher than normal, and all of the boats swung to face an unusual direction, we were spared the large waves that the boats in the open anchorages were forced to contend with. Happily, today, the wind has returned to its normal direction, and all appears well once again.


  1. Are you going to sail to Deadhorse? Then start CTB? Kinda like ZTC Acronym..

  2. That would be one Hella of a last Cruise though!!
    Looking forward to reading about your next adventures..

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