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Over the last half a year our website has been averaging just over 60,000 visitors per month. Looking at our stats, and reflecting on the interaction that we have with our readers, I figure I can lump these folks into five different categories.

Random visitors and lurkers

Firstly, there are those who only visit our site when they see a link on Facebook that catches their eye, or a Google search directs them here. I pay attention to our stats, so even though these folks don’t come here regularly, they do still help by letting me know what type of content is valued.

The next group of visitors are those who come to our site regularly, but seldom ever comment or interact with me. Many people prefer to remain anonymous; I get that, so that’s cool. For the record, I did manage to inspire a large group of these people to come out of the closet some time ago. 🙂

Even though I have next to no give and take with the people I just described, I can see from our analytics that they’re visiting, and that leads me to believe that there is still some value in what I do here.

Those who add value and inspire me

The next category of folks are those who, in addition to visiting here regularly, add value to the site by commenting on posts, sharing their personal experiences and info. I have learned a ton from these people, and appreciate their input to no end.

Even more tangibly, the next set of readers are those who actually support our blog financially, either by purchasing items through our affiliate links, clicking through on ads that they find of interest, or the best way, by actually donating funds via the Paypal link that you can see near the top right of this page. Living expenses aside, this blog does cost money to run, and so does the internet connectivity that we pay for to update it. It’s nice to know that some people understand that, and opt to assist when they can.

All of the people above, especially those in the latter categories, inspire me to continue to post on this blog. I’ll be honest, everyone likes to feel appreciated, including me!

Those who piss me off!

Unfortunately, there is one other group of visitors, and fortunately it’s a very small one. These folks, instead of adding value to the blog, or supporting our efforts, complain when the content doesn’t quite suit them, or respond to my posts with passive-aggressive comments. We do have a stalker or two, and I just block them, but for the most part, I typically approve every comment that we receive, even if I don’t like it. While I was brought up being taught that only sticks and stones can hurt me, I will admit that this negativity does piss me off, and in no way inspires me to continue to post.


My suggestion to those who are unpleased with what I write is to do the intelligent thing: stop coming to the site! It only makes sense… if you’re not happy, move on. That’s a great life lesson! Perhaps check out some of the sites listed on our Research Page, or even better, lead by example, and create your own website. When you do, please share the link here. I’ll be happy to add it to our list of links so that others can benefit too.


  1. I’m not 1.

  2. I am afraid I tend to over-share/over-comment sometimes and can become annoying. Hopefully not to point of pissing folks off, or being too stalkery. My sense of humor can be strange sometimes. We’ll see now if you are blocking me 😉 I’m the one who knocks…

    I comment mostly on your Facebook site but I think I’ve left a few comments here directly as well. I’m not sure what name or emails I’ve used in the past.

    Your site is great -and yes, I am a fan. I get all of your blog updates from this site on my old-school newsreader and really enjoy them. Keep up the good work.

  3. 60,000 hits per month….you are definitely doing a great job entertaining, all the category’s. Your blog has always been, one of my favorite places to stop in on, on line. And of course now after meeting and getting to know you guys, I can’t see how that will ever change, as long as you continue to share your adventures, ups and downs, happy and pissed off’s with the rest of us. On on!

  4. Hi Mike! I do not comment enough but I love your posts! Well… except for the ones that make me think I should be running/exercising more…. 🙂

    Naw… Seriously – you are doing a fantastic job!!

  5. I’m not sure if I get counted as a reader most of the time, as I use your RSS feed and get a new email into my inbox when a new post is made. Most of the time, I just read the email vs. going to the blog. Either way, I guess that’d make me an “RSS Lurker.”

  6. I’m an RSS lurker too. (Great description, Steve A!) In my case, I read on a blog reader. Thank you, BTW, for making the whole article available via RSS. I subscribe to some blogs that make only a portion available, and guess what — I read only a portion. I almost never click thru!

    I don’t comment because I don’t have any knowledge to share. My husband and I hope to set sail in 4.5 years. Your blog is one of my favorite resources as we prepare. I hope someday we get to meet you and thank you for everything you’ve taught us.

    You’re doing a terrific job!

  7. Love the breaking bad analogy.
    I fall into the category of drive-by, no comment, because of too many blogs/pages I try to hit each day relating to boating.
    I always read your blog but only comment if I have something of value to add. I often take good information and tips with me. So I would say I am a fan lol.
    Thanks to you and Rebecca.

  8. I am a huge fan, and read often. I think I am a part of the largest catagory: those that work a 8-5 job and REALLY WISH WE WERE DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!

    My wife is under 50 but is developing really bad knees, so I am unfortunately starting to accept that cruising full time will never be in my future. I will have to live vicariously thru you and Rebecca. Thanks as always for sharing your life(style) with us all.

    PS, I think it funny there is another Steve A that posts here. It’s not me!

  9. I just poke in on occasion to see how you kids are doing. Miss the boating life sigh.

  10. Mike,
    Had to go directly to the web page to make sure I count! Do RSS feeds count toward your statistics?

    When we are floating again we will catch up for a beer.


  11. I’m a regular reader but infrequent commenter. I look forward to your posts each day and truly appreciate all your hard work. I also diligently read the comments of your other readers and appreciate their expertise as well. Keep up the great posts.

  12. Mike and Rebecca. I’ve really enjoyed everything from the start of your blog. I like to learn, reading your blog, and your posts of daily repairs, maintenance, cool places, and adventure. As a carpenter contractor/remodeler with a mechanical background, I can relate to things that happen on your boat and enjoy learning how to handle them. I kind of feel as know you guys from reading so much about you. I find you two inspirational. Was hoping to find a way onto a sail boat & help crew this year, but fractured my clavicle. Still on my list for next year. As a scuba diver I love the ocean, always thought it would be cool to live on a boat, you two introduced me to sailing.
    Keep up the good work
    Thanks Jeff S

  13. I stated following u guys a year ago. I just recently started from the beginning… I have always enjoyed hr water, beach etc. I’ve owned a few fishing boats also over the years. you guys have inspired me to start my own research into learning to not only sail, but to leave and start a new adventure.

    Thanks you two!!!

  14. Wow! 60,000 a month is a very impressive figure and no doubt a direct result of the amount of work you put into maintaining a regular stream of interesting posts. It’s not easy. Keep up the great job. We’re an Australian couple who were feeling pretty good about our cruising blog reaching five to six thousand reads a month. Admittedly most our traffic does come from Oz and our population of 24 million people is only a fraction of that of Canada let alone the USA. It certainly feels good to know some people are reading what we put a lot of time into producing. Who knows, maybe our little blog will get up there one day. Cheers.

    • Hi guys. Thank you for checking in. The next time I update our research page I’ll add your link to the list of blogs. I’m sure there are a lot of others who’d like to read about your cruising region.

  15. Oh dear! Has something happened to really annoy you?

    You needn’t worry. With that level of readership, from whichever route, you are clearly doing a very good job and it is widely recognised.



  16. Frustrated cruiser here. That obsession dates back at least 25 years ( I’m now 50) so I think you can rely on me reading and visiting the site for a while. I like your writing and how you include both personal as well as travel and technical sailing related info. Its a partial picture you provide,I know, and that is fine. I do get a sense of you both as people of integrity, intelligence and good intent. Sadly, I fear by the time I get there full time most of the people I follow now will move on to to other things. But I still think it is a great time to go cruising and will be for some time with all the cheap boats and easy information out there. Many thanks and best regards..

  17. Hey Mike,

    I started reading before you got to the Islands and then went back to the beginning, so I’ve read it all. I’m a big fan and think you do good work. I’ve only made one or two comments, I’m almost always a lurker on any social media I use. This is slightly embarrassing but I’m very proud that one question I asked was answered by you and elaborated on by Jeffrey Siegel (of active Captain). I don’t check in everyday anymore but I still get here a few times a month.

  18. I’m a Lurker, bordering on Stalker, but the good kind. Love your site, what you’re doing, all of it.

  19. When your write for your office or for publication, thoughts are directed, cropped, and channeled to a market. When you write for a blog, you write about what interests you on a particular day. Perhaps something technical. Perhaps some observation about a place, nature, or human nature. Perhaps just a good old fashion rant, after which you will feel better, even if few really agree, and even fewer care about the bone you picked.

    I comment when I have something to add. Most often I just quietly enjoy. I really do. I wouldn’t have thought of the connection between a machete and stick fighting. Griping about what someone has taken the time to write–unless he’s a certain American cartoon… I mean politician–seems mean spirited. That’s what forums are for.

    • You are one of those people who have added significant value to this site, and I know that many people appreciate your input.

    • Mike,
      I forget which number but I’m a lurker. Thing is, I’m reading from the beginning and WAY lagged from real time so feels like commenting is just troublesome, making you go back to look at a 3.5 year old post or adding my comment to something that is way past done. I’m getting there but slowly. Afraid to go to your fb page and blow the ending for myself but greatly appreciate this awesome blog and the massive amount of good information presented in an articulate, precise, and entertaining manner. Need to make a contribution to whatever you’re doing these days. Not seeing the PayPal button on my phone browser but I’ll figure it out

      Thanks a million. Now, back to stealth mode and hopefully catch up to real time on this blog soon!

      David B.

  20. I read your blog just about every day. I just never comment. I love what you write, keeps me in touch with the Caribbean. Be safe….


  21. To Steve—–I have had one total knee replacement and probably need the other one done in 2-3 years BUT…….I live on a boat full time!

    Mike, thank you for everything you share and taking the time to answer questions. You & Rebecca inspire many

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