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Today we’ll be bidding adieu to Rodney Bay, an anchorage we have now spent time in on three separate occasions (that’s actually a record for places outside of Carriacou and Grenada). We’ll only be traveling a short distance south though, to Marigot Bay, another of St. Lucia’s popular west-coast harbors. This will be our first time visiting Marigot Bay and we’re looking forward to whatever new experiences the location has to share with us.

In other news I’m pretty sure that I have not posted this yet but the article that I submitted to Multihulls Quarterly back in December has finally gone to print. Everyone should run out to their local newsstand and pick up a copy of the May 2012 issue, or buy the digital version, and then, after reading the story, email the magazine to tell them how wonderful you think it is. If you do, perhaps they’ll hire me to write for them again. 🙂

And finally, for those who are still in the dreaming stage, possibly worrying about where they’re going to get the money for the latest and greatest boat and gear, read what our friend at Boat Bits has to say on the subject!


  1. Do you mind if I just read it while standing at the news stand? Then I’ll email OK?

  2. Now you will have to write another article saying that Dominica is just as good in a quieter way, or something. Plus a write-up of the PAYS Boat Boys.

    Right, that’s got your cruising kitty organised for another 12 months! 🙂


  3. Two thumbs up!

    I have always found your writing engaging and your sense of fun and what’s interesting to be very well tuned. Keep it up! Me, I write dry engineering stuff, in part because I’m trapped (happily) on land and have easier access to the shop and lab than the water, and in part because I’m a tinkerer at heart. No question, though–writing about cruising is more fun.

    But it’s all fun and can pay a few boat bills… at least the smaller ones. Sometimes only really small ones.


    The actual truth, which all writers learn: starting is agony. It gets a little easier once you learn what they want and they learn that you will deliver a product on-time, that is ready, fits their format, and has good art. All editors are buried with work and dread digging through the mail; they never know if a new writer will be dependable or will eat their time during revision. To me, your steady blogging is a good advertisement of your dependability and commitment to writing. However, I have been cautioned that they prefer material that has not been posted first. Something to think about, though perhaps less important for what you write.

  4. Just received MQ in the mail two days ago and loved your article! Congratulations of your first (of many) print publications.

    We’re from just up the road from where you began (Ottawa) and have kicked off our dream of cruising in a slightly different way, but I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning and see us hitting so many of the lessons you have learned along the way. We are still part-time cruising at the moment but we were in St. Martin (and Anguilla and Saba) a couple of weeks ago and I know it’s been ages since you were there but having just read some of your posts from that time, it all felt so familiar and I was sorry that we couldn’t meet up. Oh well, maybe one day when we’re out there.

    Keep the dream alive for all of us!

    • Hi Catherine

      Thanks for the comment and letting me know that the article is actually out there (we have yet to see it in paper).

      Sorry that we weren’t in St. Martin to meet up with you. We love to chat with people who read our blog and especially people so close to our home port.

      Keep in touch!


      PS: We had a Mahe anchored just behind us in Rodney Bay and we toured one at the boat show back in Annapolis. Beautiful boat!

  5. Congratulations on getting your article published! Wouldn’t it be nice if it covered 12 months?! =)

  6. It has been nice to follow you after a fellow cruiser asked me to look you up when you were anchored at Veux Fort in St. Lucia. John and Regina King were their names they are on Dream Catcher. When I got to your anchorage you had just sailed out so perhaps we will meet up sometime I live on Salsa and am currently in the Sea of Cortez and enjoying the change but my Caribbean sould is starting to take hold again and I am contemplating home. Thank you for sharing your adventures……………………………TUlly

  7. Mike,

    Enjoy Marigot Bay! It’s one of the most unique places I’ve stayed while working down there. No roads to the hotel, only a small ferry at the end of a dirt road. The room had no glass in the windows but I had a private mini pool right outside. Of course the small trolley you ride to get up the hill takes the cake.
    Very remote, nice place to vacation but I was trying to get some work done that trip.


  8. WooHoo… Great Job Mike!!!, it was funny, bought the magazine and stumbled across your article. It was funny cus I was laying there, on the boat, reading when I saw it and yelled to Sherry that you guys were in the magazine.

    Its such a wonderful feeling to see someone doing the dream that you yourself have as well. We are getting there. Thank you guys for being such a GREAT inspiration to us.

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