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While on the subject of anchoring (see yesterday’s post about our snubber), along with the bow modification that we made to accommodate the ring on our Mantus, we made one more addition that will allow us to fully secure the anchor when it’s stowed on the bow.

My objective in this project was to hold the end of the anchor’s shank stationary, preventing it from either raising up, or moving side to side. While I had a much more complicated solution in mind, when I shared my idea with our technically-minded friend Ken, he suggested that the shank of the anchor could likely be tamed quite easily by simply lashing it to a pad eye that was through bolted on the deck. The best part of his solution was that, with only a moment’s exploration in our bilge, I found a nice beefy chunk of stainless steel that I figured would do the job perfectly.

Yesterday was the first time that we had a chance to actually test out our new system, and what a test it was. With pretty big seas and gusts to almost 30, if the anchor wasn’t properly secured as we motored around the corner to St. Georges, it would have been bouncing all over the place. As it was, after lashing the end of the shank to our new fitting, a process that took mere seconds to complete, the anchor didn’t budge at all.


  • Simple solution = Good.
  • Simple and free = Great.
  • Simple, free and effective = Perfect!


  1. Your the greatest!

  2. I know that you have an interest in rainbows. Did you know that there are 12 different types of rainbows?

    Pocahontas painted with all the colors of the wind but that’s probably because trying to paint with all the colors of a rainbow is just way too complicated. Scientists have actually factored that there are twelve different types of rainbows RB-1 to RB-12 (we know, their names aren’t exactly as colorful). These guys are determined by everything from how fat the droplets are that created them, to how the sun was angled at the time. We don’t really care what category it falls into, just so long as there is gold at the end!

    May you have fair winds ahead of you….

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