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It was asked by a couple of different people if we were ever scared during the passage. Unlike our big-wind sail in the Chesapeake where we both were a bit scared, this time we weren’t. On several occasions we evaluated the situation and mutually concluded that although we were (very) uncomfortable, we were not in any real danger. This guided the decisions that we made during the day. Of course, we were always conservative and shortened sail when appropriate (at night and when the dark thunderstorm clouds loomed in front of us).

We had a lot to do before giving up our slip at the marina. High on Rebecca’s task list was repairing the sail that we tore during our passage.

Better than new!

Work completed and boat moved to anchor, we could now head out exploring. Do you see that sharp inflatable-piercing wreck in the water beside our dinghy? Fortunately the water was so clear that we did, and we set our tiny dinghy anchor to stop our boat from drifting sideways into it.

Welcome to Bimini… the sign we’ve been waiting to see for so long!


How many days is it until Christmas?

Too bad it’s closed on a Sunday.

The calm side of the island.

The not-so-calm side…

Glad we didn’t end up like this ship!!!