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Taking advantage of our time off in Mulegé, and the decent Wi-Fi that we’ve found nearby, here is the long-awaited followup to our first Baja Divide video, Bikepacking Tecate to Vicente Guerrero. That video was published almost exactly 1 month ago, and this one picks up right where it left off. We included a bit of foggy footage that we shot as we made our way out of Vicente Guerrero, a selection from our last few days of riding, and a good assortment from the weeks in between. Additionally, this time around we included more footage shot with our GoPro, putting you in the saddle with us.

What do you think? Is this an adventure that you’d like to take on?

Two things:

  1. Be sure to watch the video in HD.
  2. Free Wi-Fi at a restaurant is not so free if you sit there, eating and drinking for 3 hours as you wait for a video to upload! 🙂


  1. Great video Mike. I love watching the two of you but no I don’t think I want to tag along.

  2. How are your asses? Seriously. Your backsides have to be sore. Are you able to consume enough calories? Do you have blisters, or should that been a follow up question to the first one?

  3. Wow… gorgeous video but MAN does that look difficult. I don’t know how you guys do it.

  4. The video looks really good guys. Great quality and footage of the terrain you’ve been dealing with. Riding on rocks looks very difficult. Don’t think I could do this without a 250cc motor beneath me to be totally honest with you. Lol

  5. All I can say is– F’n Epec!! Amazing/ F.A.B.!!

  6. I love bicycle riding but there is a certain amount of pain a bike can inflict on you on a hill that is worse than hiking. I love deserts but eventually the heat is unbearable. So, I think I’m a no. I have a lot of respect for what you are doing. But the video is great, it made me think of ” grace under pressure”.

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