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I recently received a query on the Zero To Cruising Facebook page that I thought I’d share. A reader wrote:

This is such a good blog but what’s with the “I need to pose in every entry in a bikini” thing? The “against the cliff in new bikini” looked like a peeing scene. I think men “get it” but is this just a “woman in bikini site” – (she is magazine material and I mean that in a good way), or is this a cruising site? Don’t mean to be negative but it is somewhat weird. Do you guys have any family? You never speak of any.

I believe the questions were innocent enough so I took the time to draft an honest reply. I responded:


For the record, this is my (Mike’s) blog. I started posting regularly when there was not a single reader. The fact that there is now better than a thousand unique visitors per day doesn’t change that. I post info and photos that I like, not what I think others will like. Apparently that formula does work for our readers though as they keep coming back.

Why are there pics of Rebecca in bikinis? To start, we are in the tropics where it’s warm and that is how she dresses at many times. I most often carry the camera and also prefer to have a subject in many landscape shots as, in my opinion, one beach or waterfall tends to blend in with the last one.

Do we have family? Yes, but that is not what this blog is about. There are several websites which post a LOT about that for those who wish to get a “baby fix.” For the record, our adult daughter follows our blog and Facebook page regularly and to my knowledge, she thinks we Rock. 🙂

Hope that clears this up. Have a great day.

And back to our regularly schedule programming, check out this cool video that our hiking friend Arthur put together with footage shot on our hike to Tufton Hall waterfalls. It is awesome!



  1. Mike, please keep being the one that carries the camera, I prefer it that way. :0). Also, having Rebecca in the photos give perspective to the size of the waterfalls! Thanks for all your efforts in creating an informative and fun blog.

  2. Your blog is wonderful. In good taste, informative, and you are obviously enjoying life, and you are both proud of the fitness lifestyle, like many of us are as well!. I dont think, this person, gets it, in other words, being comfortable, in your own skin, and the utility of clothing choices. Maybe , they are in a very uptight environment, such as an office cubicle, in a grey cold city!. You inspire ,us all sailboat owners, that want to, wrap things up, so we too, can join , the cruising community, , Be Well!

  3. I’m not sure I would have trusted that rope. The top part looked somewhat frayed which would make me afraid. 😉

    • That rope was SUPER sketchy!!! My only regret is that I did not leave a new rope in it’s place when we were there (I had one with us, just in case). The next time we go back I will positively replace it. Of course, at least one of us will need to climb it again. 🙂

  4. That was a great answer to that question Mike,and i among many many others really like this blog and the pictures you post so keep up the fantastic work and blog on, just wishing i was there with you.


  5. Great video! We love hiking and this looks so much better than the waterfall hike we did in Hawaii. I must admit climbing down slippery rocks with a rope looks a little scary! Love the music at the beginning … makes it look like ya’ll are in a “Indiana Jones” movie!

  6. Where are the Unicorns?

  7. That video is outrageous, not a bikini in sight, you could have smeared a bit of mud around for good measure, thank god you squeezed a few chicks in at the end 😉

  8. Hi Mike,

    I would just ask “Why not?”

    I love your blog and look forward to what you have to say, it brightens up my day.

    I guess most readers read your blog because they to would love to be full time cruisers to, and are secretly jealous (or openly like me) the fact that you also have a beautiful woman by your side just increases the jealousy!

    You keep having fun! Me, I’ll get back to email hell!

  9. I so enjoy your blogs. Love the pix of the hash events, the sunsets and daily life in the tropics. Since you are sponsored in part by fitness equipment, I think it’s only fitting to see what dedication and great equipment can achieve. I escape my desk through ZTC each day.
    Thanks Mike and Rebecca.

  10. The best part about blogging is that you write and post what YOU want. There aren’t any maniacal editors or a chopping room floor in the blogosphere.

  11. you guys do rock!!! I love reading your blog and the pictures are beautiful. Perhaps we should take a picture all together when I come visit you two and you can post it on your blog. Maybe that will suffice as a family picture 🙂 lol

  12. They are just jealous, if they really had a problem with your blog it’s not like you’re forcing them to read it. I like to call those types “secret lovers”.

  13. Mike,
    I was wandering when you would get a posting like that. . . .
    I’m a Brazilian and moved overseas and I found amazing the cultural chock on some aspects like beach dressing code . .. ..

    But I think the big problem with bikinis (for some people) is that it is an statement AGAINST hamburgers and the related lifestyle . . . . hahahahahah

    Great job, keep going,

  14. WOW! “rock” is a totally inadequate adjective to describe you two and what you are doing and living. Is that last cliff descent the same one that you went up? Going down looks to be just as difficult, perhaps in a different way and perhaps a bit riskier.

    Keep up with the bikini perspective shots. Agree with your assessment on their usefulness. Landscapes on their own are best left to The Group of Seven.

    (And for the one critic in the audience… who pees with their pants on, as teeny as they might be? That is too weird.)

    • Yes, the cliff we were descending in the video is the same one that we climbed on the way upstream. Very sketchy!

      As for the peeing comment, an even better questions would be “what woman pees standing up with their hands on the wall?” 🙂

  15. That video was great- raw video, editing, music, and all!.. Being a boy scout, I am an outdoorsy type of person. And when I go cruising one day, hiking will definitely be a part of the adventure.

    Hiking in New Jersey and New York is not as fun as the Caribbean.

    Example A(Castle Rock in NY)

    Example B(Somewhere in Grenada)

  16. I write for work. Dry nonfiction.

    I blog for fun. I inform when I complete a project or cruise somewhere new. I rant occationally and ramble often. Some would argue I’ve got the last two reversed.

    Do what you want; your life, your blog. Day after day you share well written and well thought out posts on life as it strikes you. Some have bikinis, but it is the life and places are what you feature. What would you wear in paradise, coveralls? All very cool.

    When it stops being cool, return to dry land. Not for a while, not yet.

  17. I like your blog because it’s in your perspective. I come back time and time again to read about your adventures and see the beautiful landscapes that you feature. Rebecca is an inspiration. (Although she does remind me that I should never have quit lifting and kept up my workouts after I married and had kids.) You’re doing it right.

  18. The only change I would suggest is “More cowbell”! Other than that you’re good to go.

  19. Mike, don’t let guys like that get under your skin.

    For those of us that have followed along from the beginning, the comments are totally ignorant. It takes some serious thinking to sell your business, your home, and all of your posessions to go cruising. My wife and I are 800 days behing you and Rebecca, but follow in your footsteps. Heading your way within 30 days. Keep it up, and thanks for sharing (photos and all!).


    • Hi Ralph

      We do not let less-than-positive comments bug us. I actually AM quite open to critique in most cases.

      Point the bow south and we’ll see you in the islands!

  20. You just gotta love people like that. If you don’t like it, there’s plenty of other blogs around. Why not just leave the site if you don’t like it?

    I, for one, do appreciate when Rebecca gets the camera. Us girls like eye candy too ya know!

    S/V Kintala

  21. Well everyone is focused on the ” bikini issue” but her other point ( assume this was a female reader ) about family will affect most people who cruise long term. At least I imagine it will. I could see the difficulty of maintaining close contacts with adult kids and other close friends and relatives as a major hindrance. Not saying you should be the one to delve into all that on your blog if you don’t want to, but it is the elephant in the room for many people. Love the ZTC blog especially when I am stuck in my office! And you both remind me I gotta get back in shape, dammit.

    • I could see the difficulty of maintaining close contacts with adult kids and other close friends and relatives as a major hindrance

      Why? How is this any different for cruisers than it is for those who live on land? It’s not like this is the 1800s where extended families all live on the same parcel of land. In my mind it’s just another excuse!

      I feel a blog post on the subject is overdue.

      • Not on the same parcel of land, but my family is in the same region. To change from car rides to airlines is a major expense for my family, used to visiting once or twice a month. No excuse needed. In fact we will be in Toronto and Buffalo tomorrow through Sunday visiting our son. Driving 10 hours roundtrip. Maybe cruisers are by definition people who do fewer but higher quality visits. I sure wish my folks had a boat in the Caribbean. YMMV.

  22. Wow that poster would really sqirm at our site on sailblogs (mv.closeknit), since it hasn’t had a cruising post since last February. In fact the content has been all over the place from knitting, cooking, family and serious health issues.

    I guess its just human nature to bitch about something. On a recent post on our blog someone felt it prudent to make a nasty comment because I had made a comment there was no Wi Fi at St. Marys of the Lake Hospital to support a recommended treatment for Alistair.

    I continue to write for all the wonderful friends we made during cruising who genuinely care about us and who are interested in how we are navigating our new uncharted water. Blogging is also a personal record of where you have been and where you are headed.

    And seriously if my body looked 1/2 of Rebeccas I’d insist on being in every pic . If knitting were exercise you could bounce a quarter off my arse. Just sayin’.

    Keep up the good work, you make Kingston, Ontario, Canada PROUD.

  23. I enjoy the bikini shots and your blog is a mindless diversion from office life.

    How about some shots of Rebecca’s butt? Lots of other shots but no butt shots? WTF?

  24. amazing Mike how folks can actually complain about beauty….dont get it! Keep up the good work with camera!

  25. I’m with David (the 1st comment)… Let’s keep the camera in Mike’s hands to minimize the “Mike in a speedo” photos. 😉 Mike – maybe you should send the author of that email all of your speedo shots. Ha!

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