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When your list gets to the point where it has so many items on it that they certainly all can’t be “ticked off,” it is time to prioritize. And this is how we spent our morning, prioritizing the items on our “to be purchased” list.

Like most people, there are more things on our “to be purchased” list than there is money in our bank account. So we took our list and categorized each item into must haves, should haves and nice to haves. There are also a few of these items that we want to get sorted before we relaunch Katana (upgrading the anchor and steaming lights to LED bulbs for example) so from a timeline perspective, they have an even higher priority than some others.

The real truth though is that there are no more must haves. We could leave with our current inventory of gear. Throw some food on board, fill up the tanks with gas and water, and we could go. BUT, in order to increase creature comforts a bit, and improve our ability to be self-sufficient, we do plan on doing a bit more work.

On the subject of priorities, check out the following cool video. Make sure you watch the entire thing!


  1. Interesting video. In spite of all the negative publicity about the younger generation,the best and brightest will be our only hope for future. Just as it has always been in the past.
    You’re priorities list sounds very familiar. I have 10 months to “liftoff” and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed-but you guys are at 5 months and change. Funny how that launch date seems so far away,but the time starts to speed up,until you feel it’s coming too fast.
    The other frustration comes from big to do list-crappy weather!
    What would we do without online marine suppliers and winter boat shows?

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