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Four years ago today, after a 2 hour train trip to Toronto, Rebecca and I took possession of the 32′ PDQ catamaran that would be our home until just last week. At the time we first stepped on board the boat, we had next to no sailing experience, and in fact, absolutely zero catamaran experience. We were eager to learn though, and committed to making our dream of traveling the Caribbean a reality. The boat’s previous owners, David and Jackie, helped us with the delivery and in fact, gave us an incredible introduction to the boat (check that link for details and pics). Most readers already know how our sailing story has unfolded. Here we are now in Colorado, visiting with our friend Michael, the soon-to-be owner of the catamaran that before long, we’ll be living on and captaining professionally.

Our PDQ at Toronto Island where we took possession.

Our trip from Grenada yesterday was as smooth as any bit of air travel can be. Making the most of our friendly smiles 🙂 , we managed to secure exit row seating on both of our flights, and we had no crazy 3+ hour immigration lines to contend with like the last time that we flew. For the record, it really does pay to travel with carry-on luggage only. While we were able to manage that on our westbound trip, I know we’ll have considerably more baggage when we make our way back to Tortola in a few week’s time to pick up the new boat.

The view from the deck of Michael’s amazing home. We’re never far from the water!


  1. I can not believe it has been four (4) years….Congratulations

  2. Congrats on four great yrs, what make and model will be the new boat and will you continue blogging with your interesting adventures?

  3. Awesome! Can’t wait for you to share your next adventure!

  4. Welcome to Colorado guys! Hope you have a little time to do a little hiking in the mountains before you head on.

  5. Glad the transition is continuing to go smoothly. Enjoy the hiking respite before returning to the Caribbean. Don’t forget about the altitude change however. Your sea level energy might diminish somewhat with that change. We’re looking forward to your continued blog once you return to Grenada. Cheers!!

  6. I would also like to welcome you to Colorado! After following your travels for so long it seems funny to me that your now in the same state/city that I am. Let me tell ya this is a LONG way from the ocean Pilgrim!! Enjoy your time on land. I can’t wait to follow your next adventures, like I said before it’s the high point of my day to see what you guys have been up to.

  7. Welcome to Colorado!

    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and find it most entertaining and informative, as I see myself following you in just a few years (you know, after kid’s college expenses are done, etc.).

    Don’t forget to keep yourselves hydrated, and be very careful of fires if you go camping. Things are VERY DRY here, with a number of fires currently burning in Colorado and neighboring states.

    Regards from Boulder/Longmont,
    Andy A.

  8. I guess this is like Happy 4th Anniversary 🙂 Congrats you two have been an awesome inspiration!!!


  9. Have I really been reading for 3 years! Wow, I’m getting old 🙁 15 is old, right? Anyway, I got really emotional reading this post. ZTC has become part of me through your excellent posts, photographs; your blog has really captivated me. From the ups and downs and perseverance, I have learned a lot. Thank you for all t that you have done through your writing and excellent photographs, keep up the good work!


  10. Congratulations on 4 amazing years. It’s been a fantastic read so far, and i’m looking forward to reading about your new chapter!

  11. There are only two things I would swap Thaba Manzi Ranch for:-
    1) A cruising life
    2) A cattle ranch in Colorado

    You guys have one and are visiting another….I’m jealous.

  12. Maybe you haven’t seen us yet but we are waving from Wyoming. .:-)

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