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Today’s the day. In a couple of hours, Rebecca and I will be high in the air, leaving the tropics behind us, heading towards the USA.

Although I haven’t written a lot about it, we are very excited about this trip. As I mentioned yesterday, our new boat acquisition is fast approaching and we have many details to organize and plans to make with our friend and new employer, Michael. At least as exciting is the fact that Michael is lending us one of his cars, a convertible yellow Corvette, to make the 1200 mile road trip to California to visit our daughter Cass and her family. Our granddaughter Demi just celebrated her first birthday on the 29th and we can’t wait to see her again!

Happy birthday, Demi!


  1. My birthday was also on the 29th! I have met very few people over the years that share my birthdate. Anyway, have a safe trip and we all look forward to your new adventures.

  2. Have a blast!

  3. So excited for you guys! Also looking forward to meeting you in person and buying you dinner!!

  4. I’m just as excited for you guys, safe travels. I see a strong resemblance between Demi and Rebecca…. and can’t believe that she has already turned one…. enjoy and all the best.

  5. Be careful. You’ve been traveling at 7kts/hr for2 years, a 175+mph Vette will be a little strange.

  6. Hey! You’re swinging through Denver, where I live. If I can buy you dinner or lunch or breakfast let me know – I have lived vicariously through your blog for quite a while in preparation for my own cruising dream. That ought to splash in a little less than three years from now.

  7. Demi is adorable … I can understand the excitement!

  8. Safe travels and have a great time with your daughter and her family.

  9. How can we book a cruise with you?

    • Sorry, Kathy, you’ll have to be a tiny bit patient. We have a website in the works but until we take possession of the boat, it won’t go live. Soon though. If you want to send me your contact info and desires, I’ll add your name to our list.

      zero to cruising ATT gmail. DOTT com

      Thanks for the interest!

  10. New Boss? What are you all getting into now work-wise? Do tell… ?

  11. Safe travels and enjoy your family reunion.

  12. Safe travels to you both.

    And you have one of the two most gorgeous granddaughters on the face of the planet!!!! (I have the other one!)

    Looking forward to reading all about the new direction you’re headed.

  13. Your granddaughter Demi has the most gorgeous eyelashes!

    When you return to Denver, our friend Cyndy Little passed this info on to us. The soft opening is just passed, but if you have time to go please let us know what you think.

    Please share this new eating opportunity with all of your friends in Denver and ask them to do the same. Son Chad (known professionally as John) is excited about this new opportunity. They will have a soft opening on Friday. Please support this new restaurant and my son. I know Denver will love it and him!

    D & Don

  14. Have a safe trip and drink LOTS of water! Elevation sickness SUCKS, it struck my son and I when we were up in CO last year. We drank a lot but still got the ill-effects.

  15. Love the blog. Thanks!

  16. Ante Mazalin | SailingEurope - Reply

    Demi is so adorable. Safe travels and happy Corvette cruising guys.

  17. That child STILL makes my ovaries hurt. I’m just getting caught up as I am back from a two week respite staying with boating Friends we met while travelling on a boat. I pick Al up this morning from his Care Facility. Live you4 dream kids while ou got your health.

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