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Things are getting real! When I last mentioned an Amel, I talked about our heading to St. Lucia for a survey. As things often happen in the boating world, we have changed plans, again. Our sights are now set on an entirely different Amel, one that is located in Puerto Rico.

We have secured the services of a surveyor who is reportedly knowledgable about Amels, and just yesterday we booked tickets to fly to PR on July 6th. If our plan comes together as we hope, and the boat surveys well, we’ll sail her back to Grenada after closing, a passage of approximately 440 nm. Are we excited? You bet. We even started putting stuff together for the trip!


  1. I’ll bet it’s a beauty! Can’t wait to see what you decide, and see some pics!!

  2. Ya mon, send some pics.

  3. Very exciting Mike! I’m very sorry to hear of the difficulties of the last few months but I suppose that old saying about one door closing and another one opening may be appropriate. I am surprised by your change to a monohull. It was you guys that convinced me that my next boat should be a cat! 🙂

    • You’re likely not the only one who was surprised. Different tools for different jobs. I also wrote that we simply can’t afford a cat appropriate for our next cruising venture.

  4. Weird, we were just there! We could have checked her out for ya ;).

  5. Deep purple?

  6. We just got back from Peurto Rico. Make sure to stop into Culebra while you’re there!

  7. I hope she is better than expected, save sailing back to Grenada.

  8. Good luck. DON’T take your rose coloured spectacles with you 🙂


  9. Wow, all coming together! I’m really excited for you guys. I spent my honeymoon in St. Lucia, amazing beautiful Island. Hope you guys get a day or two to see the sights, if you haven’t already that is. I’m looking forward to seeing the pics and reading about how the new boat handles, specifically from your perspective after living on and crossing in a Cat.

    I know July 6 can’t come fast enough. Safe and fun travels to you both!

  10. Good on ya, mates!

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