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I think I’ll let someone else do the writing today. We were honored to be chosen to be the first couple selected for Zizoo’s new monthly feature on sailing bloggers. Check it out: Sailing Stories Pt. 1


  1. Mike. I have been meaning to write an article about what to do with cordless drills when the batteries are finished specifically for cruisers. Basically if you can get a little charge into the batteries use your ammeter to determine polarity of battery. Take battery apart removing old nicads and hook up wires to terminals in battery pack. Drill hole through battery pack to route wires out and hook up to 12 volt house system. (correct polarity) and you are good to go with a now 12 volt corded drill. I know the spread between 12 and 18 volts looks large but I think you will be happy with the drills performance. I did it to my cordless drill and saw. I was very pleased with the performance. Bill

  2. Congrats on being “the first”! I’m not surprised as you have inspired so many to consider sailing and actually making the jump to live aboard!!!

  3. Hi Mike,

    RE: Dream planning (see website link) for sailing around the world

    I am very concerned about security and safety:
    – Is there a resource to help me reduce/avoid high(er) risk? (mostly harbors, but also open ocean) For example, is there a website listing the “friendliness” of various countries/ports? I am not looking for a listing of ‘negative events’, but a bigger picture of places to avoid or places to not miss from a security/safety perspective.
    – When in port (in my chosen lower risk locations), what is the best way to ensure boat security when in slip/mooring/anchor. Is paying a fee for a “guide” (local to watch boat for you when onshore) a reliable method? Other/better methods to mitigate (reduced) risk?

    Any info/links/websites are appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Sam

      Look here for info on security:

      Avoid areas know to be troublesome. i.e.. Vieux Fort, St. Lucia

      As for security, lock it our lose it. That includes, but is not limited to, your tender. We lock the companionway door every night, and we are in no way paranoid.

      Aside from that, relax and have fun. The world where most people cruise isn’t really all that scary.

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