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Like a child who screams louder and louder to get attention, a mystery cruiser (we assume) has taken to keying his VHF radio’s mic over and over during the morning net in order to block out other’s transmissions. The short sightedness of this fool is astounding. Although he may have a beef with one or two people, this coward, who plays these games anonymously of course, has essentially pissed off every other cruiser and business owner on the island! Some people really need to get a life. And our friends wonder why we’re “hiding out” in quiet Calivigny Harbor? If we wanted soap operas we’d buy a TV!

ZTC is pretty much the only cruising boat (with people on it) in Calivigny Harbor. We took this shot from Fort Jeudy yesterday afternoon while we were out for a run.


  1. we had a kid doing that in SXM , found the perp quickly and it stopped

    • There are many taxi drivers and I even though one or more of them have issues with certain parties, I would have to believe that even they are smart enough to not play such juvenile games as it hurts the entire island. At this point I am not investing any more mental energy into the subject. I will let the amateur detectives try to figure it out.

  2. When it happened last Thursday – said taxi driver was under my boat scraping barnacles

  3. If someone of old has an Df capability, the perp will be found pretty quick. Any of the Ham operators will start working on DF antenna for finding the perp. That is what I would do, then report him to the local authorities. Too bad many of the new radios do not have DF capability.

  4. Directional antennae were used to take bearings for navigation years ago and could be used to find the guy. I wonder if merely saying that over the radio would stop him? The shot of Calivigny Harbor is awesome. Very nice.

    • There are HUNDREDS of boats in multiple bays, some of which lie in close proximity to others, not to mention the possibility of the signal originating on land. Believe me, if it was easy, or even realistically possible, they would have done it. The “targets” of much of the interference are very knowledgeable when it comes to radios.

  5. One of the reasons why we kept our VHF off 99.9% of the time. But we were introverts – or, as other cruisers called us – antisocial.

  6. RDFs (radio direction finders) it would seem – could narrow this up a bit. Also – it may be that a mike is faulty, or laying on a pillow, and the culprit is in unknowngly causing this problem? Craig

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