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So, you want to run away to live on a sailboat someday. What are you prepared to give up to achieve this objective? I’m talking to myself primarily because it’s us that is currently working through this exercise.

Today we met with our lawyer to sign the house-sale documents. In just a few days we will essentially be homeless. The funny thing about that experience is that our lawyer, who we had never met before today, had several sailing photos on his wall. When discussing the proceeds from the house sale he said we could do whatever we wanted with the money including “sailing around the world.” I thought that perhaps our real estate agent must have mentioned something to him about our plans but it was a complete coincidence. When I told him that we were planning on doing just that (cruising) he was all about sharing info with us to help, including looking up the names and numbers of knowledgeable people in our city! Very cool!

We love talking to people who have sailing/cruising experience. Most of them have no idea how much research we have put into the subject though, and what we are doing to prepare ourselves. When they suggest that we should do X, Y, Z things to prepare, and we have either already done them, or at least have considered and planned to do them, it reinforces for us that we are on the right track.

Rebecca writing 1 of several exams during our Fast Track to Cruising course

We received an email from Anthony, the owner of the PDQ 32 in Toronto that we wrote about earlier, letting us know that the shrink wrap is off the boat and that we are welcome to come and see it. Our plans are to make the trip there the weekend after next. We are really looking forward to it.

So, back to the original question about what we are prepared to give up. Without going into a huge amount of detail we have cut our expenses to next to nothing and are setting aside virtually all of our discretionary income.


  1. Steve & Darla Clark

    Several months ago, after repeatedly telling each other that we are tired of the rat race and being owned by our careers, Darla and I said enough, lets sell the house, down size and simplify. I have been a critical care paramedic for 11 years and Darla has been a Realtor for 25. We were not sure what we wanted to do, but it had to be something that we enjoyed, something that no matter how hard the work, it had to be fun and fulfilling.

    When we looked back at the one consistent pleasure we always enjoy when on vacation, it was being on a catamaran. Bright light came on, sell everything, buy a cat, live aboard it and operate as a charter.

    Then I started my typical OCD thing, researching the net until I became overloaded with too much information, and people telling me that it’s impossible w/o years of experience. The most beneficial information I found were you guys. You are living our dream. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, just learn from others mistakes and success’s. I had sent you a FB message sometime ago and you forwarded it to Micheal, I then spoke with him on the phone for over an hour. Micheal helped put me in touch with Wiley who we are going to meet in Miami in Feb.

    Even though we have never met, I found that we share certain similarity’s. (except that Darla enjoys working out at the gym 2-3 hours every morning, whereas I believe that as long as I can still hold my gut in and not be noticed, I can bypass the gym)

    Downsizing is underway, house goes up for sale when winter is over. Researching sailing schools etc. You have been a huge inspiration with your FB posts, pictures and your blog. (I choose to post here because this is about where we are in our adventure. Best to you both, hopefully we will meet up in the BVI.

    Steve & Darla

    • Hi guys

      I think that’s great! As we have shown, your goal is certainly doable. Keep in touch and let us know how everything works out for you. If you have questions, feel free to post here and I’ll definitely respond.

      And coincidentally, shortly after I read your comment, we had Wiley pay us a visit on One Love!

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