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In spite of what we think is the longest rain storm in recent history, we were actually able to spot the full moon at the Bomba Shack. And we had our globetrotting buddy Christian from Denmark and our friends on s/v Happy Times there to share it with us. Life is good.


  1. Not surprised, a very short post this morning.

  2. I’m glad you went and had a good time. I, on the other hand, was completely put off by the rain. I got caught in it earlier in the day and was soaked to the skin (which would have been okay if I was in a swimsuit but I wasn’t). So after a hot shower, I just didn’t have the wherewithal to go out in it again.

    I am heading over to Cane Garden Bay after breakfast. Hoping to see you there!

    • The rain was brutal. Fortunately it held off while we were at the party though.

      We’re not in Cane Garden anymore though. We took our friend to The Indians and now we’re at Norman Island.

      • When I drove out of Sebastian’s parking lot this morning and realized how close Bomba’s is to me (I realized it was music from there that I could hear from my room last night) I wish I had taken the time to walk down and say hi to you guys. Oh well.

        Are you planning on being back on Tortola?

        • We will be at Trellis Bay tomorrow afternoon and then likely heading out from there to St. Martin. Did you want to drive over and see us?

          • How late will you be there? I am spending the day with a new friend at Long Bay Resort until about 5. I could come over after that if you’ll still be there.

            • Looks like we will not be staying in Trellis Bay after all. It is WAY crowded here. We’ll just be dropping off our friend and then heading out to find somewhere else to anchor. Sorry that we won’t be able to catch up with you there Sandra. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. Did you have the shrooms that is sold at the Bomba Shack during the full moon party?

  4. shhh, ZTC, i’ll type quietly.
    as suspected the post for today was short. that is good to see, means you guys had an awesome time at the bomba shack.
    now, have another glass of water and go back to bed. 🙂

  5. I just can’t figure people out. Recently a post of ours was debated on a cruiser forum and some one alluded to my “fiasco” was due to possible inebriation. I didn’t feel I needed to defend myself by saying I had survived a stroke at 47 and had limited left upper body strength and use. People will always fill in the gaps with their own imaginations. So I think we just need to get a tougher skin and not let random comments eat away at us. As I said before, your donate button doesn’t bother me one bit. Keep posting and living the dream others only dream of.

    • I just read that story on your blog. Wow. Just wow! I don’t let negative comments bother me at all. They actually amuse me a bit, just like that nasty home owner you wrote about.

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