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It is always fun for us to meet up with frequent readers/posters on our blog and so it was at least partially this which motivated us move on from our protected Virgin Gorda anchorage on to Anegada, The Drowned Island. I had conversed with Sandra, who herself is an avid blogger, several times about her travel plans to the BVI and we were pretty sure that she would only be at Anegada for one more day. We had expected the winds to be almost non-existent for the 13 mile trip. Weren’t we surprised to find winds gusting up to 24 knots and weather warnings (lightning, water spouts, high winds and rain) being transmitted on the radio for the duration of the trip?

We ultimately made it without calamity and shortly after securing a decent anchor spot, we headed to shore to Neptune’s Treasure to meet up with our friend. Someone must have told Sandra that it was our birthdays because she treated us as such, spoiling us to no end. After letting us take a couple of Hollywood showers in her hotel room, she treated us to a fantastic dinner and drinks! Completely unexpected and oh so appreciated. We’re so glad that we were able to at least cross paths with her before she heads back to Tortola for the final parts of her vacation.

The pictures we have seen of Anegada and the stories we have heard are of pristine white sand beaches. Unfortunately, because of the squally weather, the anchorage is rolly, the southern beaches are covered in sea grass and the visibility in the water is less than a foot. We do hope to head to the northern shore today and with any luck, the conditions will be better. The weather is supposed to be even worse today though!

Speaking of weather, we hope that it clears up a bit by Tuesday because for the first time, we have a schedule* to meet. Our buddy Christian is due to arrive in Tortola Tuesday afternoon and if we don’t make it there to pick him up, he may be sleeping in the ferry terminal. I just measured the trip and it is 26 miles from here to the west end of Tortola where we need to meet him. With any luck we’ll leave early and have a great (fast!) sail to get him.

*Rule one of safe cruising is NO SCHEDULES.


  1. Happy Birthday you guys. Glad you made it and were able to meet up with Sandra. Sorry the conditions aren’t so great. Had the best wahoo dinner ever at Neptunes. Safe travels.

    • Yes, it was very cool to finally meet her. It’s too bad her plans are so set to leave today as we offered to have her sail with us back to Tortola tomorrow.

      As for dinner, Rebecca had the wahoo and she loved it as well.

      • For a bit there, I thought it WAS your birthdays and I was wishing I had known!!

        I would so love to sail back to Tortola with you tomorrow. I have a feeling I will be kicking myself when I get back home for not jumping at the opportunity.

        It was such a TREAT for me to finally meet you guys and I had a wonderful time with you yesterday. I hope we can meet up again on Tortola!

  2. Wow, how nice of Sandra! So it’s your birthdays … Happy Birthday ya’ll!

  3. Hope the weather improved, so you could enjoy the world class snorkeling Anegada offers.

    • Hi Sarah
      Although it is pouring now, with thunder and lightning, the rain held off for much of today so we were able to do some snorkeling. It was quite good and with better weather I bet it would be great.

  4. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran

    Ok i think we know its not your birthday but HAPPY BIRTHDAY any way even if its early & a belated one for missing it 🙂
    Regarding BVI weather i have found this so take care.-
    Of course we can’t forget to mention the Hurricane season, which officially begins June 1 and goes up to November 30th

    But here is this weeks weather.—-

    25 °C
    50% chance of precipitation
    29 °C
    Chance of T-storms
    80% chance of precipitation
    Tomorrow Night
    26 °C
    Chance of T-storms
    40% chance of precipitation
    29 | 26° C
    Chance of T-storms
    40% chance of precipitation
    29 | 26° C
    Chance of T-storms
    60% chance of precipitation
    29 | 26° C
    Chance of T-storms
    60% chance of precipitation

  5. Helen A. Spalding

    OK, you guys. I don’t know how you pissed off the weather gods, but DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!!!!

  6. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran

    Lightening pics would be good ? 🙂 please

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