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I’m sure that if we were to think about it, we could award every one of our charter groups a prize of some kind. With this group, there was no doubt in our minds what to award their prize for: these guys were our most active hikers to date!

Some people may know that both Rebecca and I are pretty avid hikers. It goes without saying then that we really admire guests who get off the boat and explore. While hiking may not be for everyone, the Virgin Islands offer some pretty spectacular views for those willing to put on some shoes and walk up a trail or two. These guys took this to heart and made a trek on every single island that we visited, including at least one with no formal trail at all! Well done guys, we’re proud of you. There’s no question that you earned every single one of those Painkillers!

You could book a room on a cruise ship, stop at a limited number of ports, get cattle prodded into town with thousands of other passengers OR you can book the One Love sailing yacht and leisurely sail the Virgin Islands spending time in quiet anchorages while enjoying superb food and fantastic cocktails. Create your own schedule so you’re as busy or quiet as you like. This is simply THE BEST way to experience the Virgin Islands!! — Mark


  1. That certainly could be a selling point for your charters. You may end up becoming known as a charter who caters to people who not only like to relax but also want to get some excellent exercise along the way. (maybe you have already become this!) Best wishes.

    p.s. I think winter will end anytime now here in Ontario, Canada! The chip truck is open though!

    • Spring must be close. I saw a post on FB about one of our friends wearing shorts. Is he crazy? Sure, but it must be close.

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