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Yes, that’s true. The boat does have a VHF radio, a requirement for a vessel such as this, but we aren’t permitted to use it. Not until we acquire a Radio Operators Certificate it appears. We are due to take delivery of Katana next weekend but the marine radio course we signed up for a long time ago will not be taking place until the following Monday. I searched online today and was able to find a downloadable copy of what I think is the current course manual. We’ll do some studying over the next week and hopefully the course will be a snap.

Katana’s VHF radio, which we are not yet permitted to use.

In one week’s time, after sailing Katana to Kingston, we will officially be liveaboards! There is a web forum with over 20,000 members devoted to those who either already live on a boat or want to at some point in the future!

On another web forum a poster had this to say about “The Best Place to Learn About Living Aboard:

Try downsizing your life into a single room. That’s a good first start. See just what all you can get rid of in your daily life and still be happy. Also start playing around with cooking as if you had only a few square feet to work in. A lot of it is making a mental adjustment.

Without consciously planning on it Rebecca and I have done exactly that! While some might feel cramped moving onto a boat because of the limited space, we are confident that Katana is going to appear like a luxurious mansion compared to our current digs!


  1. Started reading from the beginning and will catch up quickly! Great blog! Did I miss something? Went from May 2009 without any boat leads to June 2009 suddenly talking about a boat called Katana? What happened?

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