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Several days ago we embarked on a whirlwind tour of the three Grenadian rum factories. Although Rebecca and I had visited them earlier this season, this time we had our rum-connoisseur friend Carl with us filming for his blog. The pics below are from the Clark’s Court and Westerhall distilleries. Sadly, just like the Jimmy Buffet song, I blew out a flip flop and had to finish the tour barefoot. I didn’t think running all over the River Antoine distillery sans shoes was such a good idea. We did get the rum tastings from all three places on film though. I’m looking forward to seeing them on his blog in the coming weeks.

You know it’s going to be serious when they make you wear hard hats!


  1. Awww – Rebecca’s such a cute lil’ boom girl!!

  2. What neat buildings!

  3. When I first saw the first picture with just the hardhats on I thought you guys were going to start singing YMCA or Macho Man………..

  4. Rebecca the Boom Op!! I LOVE it!!

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