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With the Purchase and Sale agreement signed and sent off with a big deposit cheque the next step in the boat-buying process is the Marine Survey. A Marine Survey is “a detailed inspection of a boat for the purpose of determining its current condition and seaworthiness. In particular, to determine if the vessel is safe to use in conditions for which it was designed, and what maintenance and repairs are required, or are likely to be required in the near future.” Although this is our first boat we have read enough to know how vitally important this step is. Not knowing any surveyors personally and without any referrals we did what most others would do: consult Google. We came across 3 surveyors in the greater Toronto area but settled on Richard Hutchings due to his past experience with Catamarans. He is coordinating a time and place with Katana’s current owner to have the boat hauled out of the water for the survey. We think we have made a good choice with Richard as he has been very professional in keeping us up-to-date on the surveying process!

Coincidentally Rebecca and I were undergoing our own survey of sorts this morning. As part of a complete physical, which we felt was prudent to do before leaving the country, we were off the the lab to have copious amounts of blood drained from our body. Let’s hope that both our personal surveys and Katana’s pass with flying colours!