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During the earliest days of planning our escape from land life, long before we ever owned a boat, we came across the blog of Seth and Jaime on Slapdash. In our minds at least, these two were kindred spirits and they were kind enough to reply to several of our emails before we set sail, patiently answering our newbie questions.

The adventures that Slapdash went on to post on their blog without a doubt made for entertaining reading but for me, they did much more than that. With no experience of our own, the stories they shared proved to us that what we were planning was actually possible.

That was several years ago and Seth and Jaime have since gone on to circumnavigate the globe on their tiny Gemini catamaran, no small feat! Now however, like several of our other cruising friends, they have returned to North America and have their boat up for sale.

I’m going to be honest… the thought of being required to do something similar scares me. “It’s obvious we’re no longer fit or qualified for land life” is what Slapdash wrote in their last post. I’d have to concur (that’s for us, not for them). I truly believe that cruising changes you and I can not imagine returning to a regular 9-5 routine with a house in the ‘burbs,’ not that we ever really had that lifestyle before we went cruising. No, our future holds something else for us. Exactly what, I’m not sure, but guaranteed, it will be different.

Our best wishes go out to Seth and Jaime, and our sincerest thanks for inspiring us when we needed it most. I humbly hope that at least in some small way, we are able to do something similar for our readers.