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Man we are having fun. I should point out though that we also consider full-contact sparring to be fun from time to time too! Today’s fun involved trying to find a slip for our new boat (we are thinking positively that the sale will go through as planned). We have long read that a challenge with Catamarans is finding a slip wide enough to accommodate them. We assumed that because the beam on a PDQ 32 is only 16′ it wouldn’t be such as issue. Ha ha!

Here is where we checked today:

Of course, these issues are only relevant if the boat sale goes through (if it doesn’t I am going to delete all of these posts so that I don’t look like a tool). Our surveyor, who now knows of our plans to take the boat south, has promised a very thorough survey. We are quite confident though that he won’t find much, if anything bad to say about Katana. But what the hell do we know?

He has also offered to have a chat with us about life in the Caribbean as he spent several years there running charters. Awesome!

Collin’s Bay Marina


  1. we have been at collins bay for 3 years now. i am very new to this but i really like the marina. it is professionally run and very clean. we will be leaving soon and i am sorry that ihave not made a point of meeting lots of people there. i guess for the most part other cruisers are friendly. i guess i have held back because of my lack of knowledge and as you put it i don’t want to look like a “tool”. CB also has great accessibility ie getting in and out to lake ontario for newbies. i feel comfortable helming. i think portsmouth might be trikier. good luck, look us up if you go to CB.

    • It looks like we will be neighbours at Collin’s Bay, if only for a day or two until you guys take off on your adventure.

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