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As you might have guessed from the past week’s lack of posts, we were pretty busy on the last-minute charter that we took on. Fortunately for us, we were blessed with some fantastic guests for our first time out this year. The three ladies, two of whom have visited the area on numerous occasions, were a delight to be around. They did throw one curve ball at us though, or more specifically, at Rebecca. The food and beverage preference sheets that we received at the 11th hour, after Rebecca had already planned out her menu and provisioning list, indicated that the three of them wanted to eat a largely Paleo diet. While somewhat familiar with Paleo dietary requirements, Rebecca still had to research and then build a menu (and provisioning list) from the ground up. As the photos below show, and our guests’ comments back up, she did a fantastic job!

“I truly appreciate you adjusting our meals to Paleo! Loved the breakfast fruit art!!! Appetizers were really yummy too!” — Phyl B.

“It was great trying new things that we have not done on previous trips: Paddle boarding, hiking, visiting Soggy Dollar during the day and Foxy’s at night, learning new games at night.” — Patti N.

“Rebecca was awesome in the kitchen!! So nice to not have to lift a finger… now that’s a vacation!” — Diane N.


  1. If they had discovered rum we’d never have evolved! Love the way Rebecca did the presentation, very beautiful. As always, you two are top notch!

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