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In our attempt to combat the problem of having each day of the week blending in with the others, we have created a new day name: Sameday. Today is Sameday, just as yesterday was too. Tomorrow? You guessed it. Sameday.

Today (Sameday), we will be heading out early for the longest leg of our trip, sailing from Presqu’ile to Waupoos. We should have good winds from the stern (confirming the weather on the VHF at this very moment), making for a relatively fast sail which is good as there’s no real protected stopping points on the way there. We had considered sailing into an area called West Lake but even with them dredging their channel this year there isn’t enough draught for our sailing companions to get their boat through. So, we are committed to going all the way.


  1. great name for a boat…”Sameday”….Goes on the same theory as “no more mondays”

  2. Sure beats the heck out of ‘Fraturday’ – what we in the film biz call the day that starts anytime after 2 pm on a Friday (usually between 4 – 7 pm depending on how much day stuff there is to shoot before getting into the night scenes) and won’t end until 13 hours later. You end up getting home in the dawn, or later, on Saturday, sleeping Saturday away, and only really getting Sunday off, which you need to get to bed early for because Monday usually starts back at 7 am call time and then the week works its way back to another Fraturday.

    Oh the glamour of film. Not.

  3. This entry, and the youtube link from Philippe Kahn appeared in my Facebook this morning, sent from an iPhone 4 via a satellite link.

    Philippe Kahn FaceTime from the middle of the Pacific. Arthur and Peter, my MotionX colleagues are in the office in Santa Cruz, California and get video-taped doing FaceTime between Pete’s iPhone 4 in Sant Cruz and my iPhone 4 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean one of the most isolated spots in the world. When it came up, it was like magic! To paraphrase Arthur Clarke, Great innovative technology and magic are literally indistinguishable. This is what the Camera-Phone was designed to do.

  4. I was just thinking the same thing! However, I’m going to steal the idea of a phtoshop expert on another forum, Have Music, Will Travel! Besides, I have sometimes had to look at the newspaper to find out what day it is, myself! Probably because there is a pattern of sameness to my days. Get up, go to the Y, swim for 3-4 hours, come home, work around the house. There are some variants, like chores and errands and visitin my mom. Today’s varient is a water main break just east of my house, ergo, no water. Naturally, I had planned to do laundry today! Oh well, readjust!

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