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…the million or so mosquitos in our cabin last night brought out the worst in us. There was definitely a lot of carnage and although some blood was shed (mostly ours) I think we came out on top. So much for the quiet, steak barbecue dinner though!

As is no doubt obvious we have been doing a lot of website surfing, trying to gain as much sailing-related knowledge as we can. We have been especially searching for PDQ-related sites and thus found our way to Sail Delmarva. On this blog the author shares an awesome tip for getting rid of mosquitos with as little bloodshed as possible (blood and bug spatter does not clean all that easily off the white cabin top). I won’t give away the secret but suggest you visit his blog to read all about it. We’re trying to fashion a suitable screen for the companionway to prevent another bug battle. This might put my “craftiness” to the test.

This morning we had a visit from Hub, one of the owners of Collin’s Bay Marina. Boy is he helpful. He spent some time re-organizing how we had Katana tied to the docks, checked our rigging and gave me some things to fix up and gave me some advice on how to better secure our dinghy against theft when we venture off cruising. He even gave me a lesson on how to tie a Trucker’s Hitch! We also discussed Winter storage for Katana and he said that he feels they will be able to look after us. Although it is still some months away we are happy to be getting that sorted out.

We just returned from the Service Canada office after having Katana’s license transferred into our names. We were informed while there that we need to keep the license on board the vessel because if we are stopped and can’t produce it we can be subject to a $200.00 fine!

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  1. We sent them all over to your side of the slip!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry.. As for Hub, He really is very helpfull & full of knoledge so use & abuse him..

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